Lazada 12.12 Grand Year End Sale Also Means You Can Buy Mah Sing Properties Online

The online marketplace is a wonderful place to be, as my friend found out. It is a place where you can find everything without moving from your chair or your bed. It is the one place where you do not have to deal with annoying salesperson or talk to anyone at all even. They leave you to your own devices to explore and check everything out.

Lazada is such a place and what a marketplace. It is where you can find even the weirdest of things with one of the biggest inventory list in its marketplace. That is also why it is Malaysia’s favourite eCommerce platform.

Recently they just had a record-breaking 11.11 Single’s Day Sales campaign. That is a big testament to Lazada’s extensive reach in the country and the diversity of things you can find in their platform. There is one missing thing in the marketplace though — properties.

I hear you; “what!? Property!? You outta your mind yo!” But no, it is not actually that absurd of an idea. You can now buy properties from AliBaba in China. Naturally being an AliBaba company, Lazada would want to revolutionise Malaysian eCommerce marketplace to the same level too. That explains the whole partnership with Mah Sing.

Now that we got that out-of-the-way, let’s talk about how and why you would want to do it; buying a Mah Sing property off Lazada’s marketplace. Let us start with the how, shall we? Bare with us please.

Buying a property from Lazada’s vast marketplace is simple enough. All you need to do is go online, visit Lazada’s platform and then browse through Mah Sing’s official online space. Once you picked your ideal place all you need to do is pay for the booking fee. Of course you have to check with your bank regarding your eligible loans before booking the place; most of us might not though.

Remember that what you are paying for on Lazada is the booking fee. The price that is put on the platform does not reflect the full price of the property. Every buyer on Lazada gets a 5-percent Lazada Incentive that is worth MYR20,000 to MYR30,000 depending on how much your property is worth. That is if the deal goes through though; if you decide to cancel the booking fee is refundable. Everything else regarding buying the property is pretty just as usual. Do keep in mind that there are only five units from each development for this campaign so you do have to really get on it quick as it opens.

Now, why would you do it? Why would you buy a property on an online marketplace? Does it even make sense for you to do that?

To answer the latter question; yes it does make sense, plenty. The argument here is that you can already buy everything on the web, even services, so why not a property. The only issue now here is whether or not you should. To answer that we have to tackle the ‘why’ of it.

Of course, in this case you would still have to talk to a person on getting the purchase done. You still need a solicitor or lawyer to get everything done spick and span. From the sound of it, it does not even look like there is much difference between traditional property purchase.

Here is the thing though, the question we should be asking here is; “why not?” It could be more secure after all. eCommerce has come a long way since the first days of Lazada. The online marketplace has grown tremendously too with more and more products and users now that ever. For that to work though security has to be a focus. You will not buy anything online if you know that security is compromised. So on the upside of things, getting your transaction done on Lazada is way more secure than dealing with some salesman. For all you know the salesman might not even work for the property developer of the place you booked, meaning the cash and payment has to pass through plenty of hands before it finally reaches the intended party.

Dealing with a salesman that constantly nags you about the property is not fun too. So doing it through Lazada eliminates that problem. No more getting annoying calls from that salesman you saw last week bringing you around that property in some weird place.

The locations that are offered by Mah Sing via Lazada are not too bad too. Some of them might be a little far from the central town but most of them are quite centralised and accessible. So apart from getting a 5% rebate up to MYR30,000 you are getting a property in a prime location. Just saying that is important; you do not want to be in a place without quick access to amenities and services.

Another thing is that there is less confusion when you do your booking. When you do your purchase via Lazada you are not talking to a sales person that has to contact the HQ or showroom to slot your name in. For all you know there might be a few names slotted in the same unit that you booked today. The benefit of the Lazada property sales is that you cut through all of that and just directly tell Mah Sing that you are booking the unit you are paying for. That means you are pretty much guaranteed that the place is yours unless your loans does not approve or you cannot pay. Those, or if you decide to cancel your booking which is refundable anyway.

Lastly, you get a pretty much personalised service when you book through Lazada. What happens when you book through Lazada is that Mah Sing will then assign their own trained agent to you as their customer. That also means you get a personal service person that will help you with your purchase journey to make it as smooth and painless as possible until you get your keys. Of course there are limits to how much you can customise your property if you are getting condominiums. But even then, you still get one service person to yourself which simplifies the whole process of looking for one sales person to begin your journey.

The developments that are available are M Vertical, Cheras; M Centura, Sentul; Sensa Residence @Southville City, KL South; M Aruna, Rawang; M Vista, Penang; and Meridin East, Johor. The campaign starts from the 10th of December, 2018 to 12th of December, 2018. Before deciding on buying these homes you can view the houses on the 28th November, 2018 onward — that is today onward.

Originally published at techENT.