Maxis Offers More Data with MaxisOne Prime

Data constraints and quotas are a common worry among families and users nowadays. Juggling data limits between the children’s YouTube, your Netflix binging and the Korean dramas your significant other is streaming can be a head ache. What if you don’t have to juggle data caps? That’s what Maxis is offering with their new Maxis One Prime plan.

The new MaxisOne Prime is bundling your home Fibre internet and your mobile plans into one big super plan that caters to the data hungry. The plan offers 30Mbps Fibre home internet and a mobile line for RM367(USD$86.75). Unlike the other OnePlans offered, the MaxisONE Prime does away with data quotas giving users unhindered access to their content and online life.

That said, the ONE Prime plans get progressively more expensive with higher broadband speeds. The 50Mbps broadband connection is RM50 more (RM417) while the 100Mbps runs an additional RM120 (RM487). Each additional supplementary mobile line will cost RM48 with a maximum of four (4) supplementary lines per account. This also means that a family of five on the 100Mbps plan will cost RM679.

The main draw of the MaxisONE Prime is the uncapped data usage on both your mobile and home broadband. In addition, the telco is promising zero downtime on their fibre internet. They are doing this by including a 4G sim card which connects to Maxis’ leading 4G network should anything happen to the fibre connection. Should users need any help with their services, Maxis is dedicating a team of Maxperts that will be available to MaxisONE Prime users exclusively. The package also allows users to get home or mobile devices with Maxis Zerolution payment scheme with zero upfront payment.

The MaxisONE Prime plan is available now on the official Maxis website and at any Maxis Service Center nationwide.

Originally published at techENT.