#MYCYBERSALE 2017 “Click, Slide, and Tap” is Back and it is Bigger Than Ever!

Malaysia’s largest eCommerce event is back for 2017. Around this time last year MDEC held #MYCYBERSALE 2016 online shopping initiative. During that time we see many local merchants participating and collaborating to hold the largest eCommerce sales event in Malaysia. This year 2017 the organisers are even more ambitious than ever. This year’s #MYCYBERSALE is also organised by PIKOM’s eCommerce chapter in collaboration with MDEC. In fact this is the first large event that PIKOM’s eCommerce chapter has organised.

Dubbed to be ‘by the industry, for the industry’ this year’s largest eCommerce sales event sees more than 1,000 merchants participating; a 66% increase compared to 2016’s #MYCYBERSALE. This is also the first time that 40% of funding for the sales event are from the private sector. The target revenue for this #MYCYBERSALE 2017 is MYR300 million, up by 42% to last year’s revenue of MYR211 million. This target is in line with the National eCommerce Strategy Roadmap 2020 projections of MYR170 billion of contributions to Malaysia’s GDP.

#MYCYBERSALE started out in 2014 as an MDEC initiative in kick-starting and empowering the eCommerce industry in Malaysia. Through out the years also the #MYCYBERSALE revenue has been steadily growing which is also a testament to how far Malaysia’s eCommerce has come in the year 2017. #MYCYBERSALE is not just a local event though. Among the 1,000 merchants 497 of them are exporters that caters to extended markets like China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines, Sri Lanka, and India, and Brunei just to name a few.

Malaysia’s largest eCommerce sales event #MYCYBERSALE is happening from the 9th October, 2017 to the 13th October, 2017. During this time there will be tonnes of promotion from Malaysia’s largest online retailers including Lazada, Shoppee, and 11Street. So if you do have plans to purchase anything online right now, hold your horses a little longer; you might get it at a good price!

Originally published at techENT.