Skip The Take Away Queue at Pizza Hut Sunway Pyramid!

Welcome to Pizza Hut; a magical Pizza land where the best comfort food in the world is in abundance. And now you can order your take outs through a screen! At least when you visit Pizza Hut’s Sunway Pyramid branch anyway.

The keywords here are “easier” and “better”. Pizza Hut Sunway Pyramid has just been renovated to initiate Pizza Hut’s digital transformation initiative. The aim of the refurbishing is to make things easier for their customers to place orders in their store. With the new concept store Pizza Hut prepares a special take out kiosk especially for take out customers (of course). The take away assistant is a large display that simplifies the menu for its users to quickly place an order. They still have the option to pay through their credit cards or by cash at the payment counter. All they have to do after that is wait for their pizza to be ready.

To wait for their take away pizza they do not necessarily have to wait in the store itself. Because your number is left in their system you can walk around Sunway Pyramid to get other things done or get their shopping done before collecting your freshly baked pizza. That is not your only option to occupy your time while waiting for your pizza though, there are Augmented Reality (AR) games available in the store too. The games are not limited to the ones waiting for their takeout pizza’s though. Patrons who are waiting for their food in-store as well have access to the augmented reality menu and games while waiting for their food to be served to their tables.

There is also a new mobile app for Pizza Hut now as well. Through the app you can place orders without being anywhere near the store at all or speak to any of the assistants at the order and payment counters. The app remembers all your previous orders including your preferences and your favourite orders. That allows you as a user to order your Pizza faster than ever, within just a few clicks and you are ready to go collect your pizza at any participating Pizza Hut branches. There is more, if you download the app now they are giving away up to 35,000 (while stocks last) pizzas through their “You Download, We belanja” program going on now until 30th of October, 2017.

The new concept store in Sunway Pyramid is open now. There are more plans to mimic this first ever digital kiosk in Asia-Pacific concept store in the rest of Malaysia soon depending on the amount of takeout order percentage in each location. There are also plans to move to a digital dining experience also but announcements and implementations of that will be on a later date. Photos after the break.

  • Source: Adventures of Vesper

Originally published at techENT.