Spotify Brings Back Memories with My Time Capsule

Our memories are undoubtedly filled with a whole lot of songs from your favourite cartoon theme song to that one Britney Spears song you adore. How long has it been since you actually heard that Linkin Park song that you rocked out to in high school?

Well, with nostalgia and memories intertwined with our songs, Spotify has found a way to figure out your own personalised soundtrack. The Your Time Capsule playlist is a compilation of your very own personalised, nostalgia filled soundtrack which will take you all the way back to that First Kiss or your first Crush.

My personal playlist took me back all the way to 1993 to my first time listening to Spice Girls’ Mama and brought back memories of my family in China. It’s amazing how simple things like songs can bring such powerful emotions.

Have you found Your Time Capsule yet? If you haven’t all you have to do is launch your Spotify app, click on the search bar, click scan and scan the image below to get your throwback playlist. You can even find it in the Home or Decades section in the Browse tab.

One caveat though, if you’re younger than 16 years, you ain’t old enough to have a time capsule. :-P Who knows… maybe once you’re a little older this playlist will magically appear on your Spotify app. Keep listening to those tunes on Spotify though!

Originally published at techENT.