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TezBox Wallet
Oct 18 · 3 min read

We’ve just released a new TezBox version for Chrome, Windows, MacOS and our web wallet:

  • Web Wallet Users — the change is automatic and should already be live, so you don’t have to do anything! You can access the web wallet here
  • Desktop Wallet Users (Mac and Windows) — you can download the latest version right now from here. You can use this prior to the changeover, and it will automatically switch when the protocol does.
  • Chrome Extension Users — this should be automatic, but you can download it directly from here

Our updates for Android and MacOS will be released in the next few days.

What to expect!

We have some grand plans for TezBox — transitioning from a simple wallet and into a Dapp Browser. Some recent changes and announcements within the Tezos ecosystem has forced us to re-think some of our initial UI and dev priorities to accommodate this goal. For us, we want to ensure that TezBox can deliver the following core features:

  1. Wallet agnostic — we’ve been working on an API layer to allow other wallets to “sign on behalf” of TezBox users. The idea is to provide a better way to connect dapp developers, wallets and users. One of the biggest things we have worked on to pave the way for this is our multi-key functionality — allowing TezBox to simultaneously connect with multiple keys in a single secure instance. We are proud to announce the availability of this functionality in the latest TezBox release — give it a whirl by importing all of your wallets into TezBox and using them all at once!
  2. Dapp friendly — we have a working API for our Chrome extension, which we want to extend to our desktop wallet as well. Some of the Babylon changes also helped us with our tezbox-lib project, which will allow dapps to be developed, installed and used just like browser extensions. These changes didn’t make it into our latest release, but they’re not far away!
  3. Amazing UI — we want to ensure our UI is fast, intuitive and very user friendly. We’ve taken in a lot of the feedback from our users to make some changes in this area, and we hope you like it!

What about outages?

TezRPC continues to provide public access to the Tezos network, and is seeing record usage numbers and traffic. All our nodes have been updated and shouldn’t run into any issues when Babylon comes online. We don’t foresee any issues when the protocol changes, but we’ll be on standby during the transition period just in case.

We have relied on the tzscan API in the past, and have started to work toward our own public API as well. Unfortunately our API wasn’t ready in time for the Babylon update, and because of tzscan shutting down we were forced to look for another alternative. We are using the https://mystique.tzkt.io/ API to fill the void for the time being — great API by the BakingBad Team

In the background…

We are also still working on releasing updates for our other projects too, including Bakechain (update out this weekend), eztz.js (a patched released has been uploaded, which supports Babylon) and fi.

Our two major new products are Velos and Sona. We’ve presented both products at past meetups, and look forward to releasing our first beta releases shortly. We are currently in the final user testing and fine tuning stages of Sona, and have completed our initial alpha tests for Velos. Unfortunately both projects were delayed for various reasons due to the magnitude of work required to update for Babylon!

TezBox Wallet

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TezBox is a community developed wallet for the Tezos network that is cross-platform, open-source and decentralized - https://tezbox.com

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