The 2018 BMW 6 series is another highly anticipated installment from the production brand that’s paid acute attention to quality delivery in car performance and all round customer satisfaction for 40 years now; the first models of this car series were introduced in 1976, lasting for a further 13 years before being put to a halt in 1989. A few years down the line, 6 series production was revived and has been evolving quite conveniently ever since. The current 6 series model offers three car versions to suit the convenience, taste and preferences of all kinds of social classes; the BMW 6 series Coupe, BMW 6 series Gran Coupe and the BMW 6 series Convertible.


The interior design of the 2018 BMW 6 series is defined plainly and befittingly by the tags of luxury, convenience and style. The hi-fi speaker system, electrically adjustable multifunctional steering wheel, leather trim seats, quality alarm system, climate control vents and highly adjustable electric seats with heating functions on the driver and front passenger seat are but a few of the cool features combined in this 6 series; its Apple CarPlay technology functions as well as wireless device charging, advanced navigation systems and lots of other options makes for optimum comfort within this vehicle which should make a house a tad bit jealous. There will be a gear shifter and rotating knob on the central control tunnel.


The 2018 BMW 6 series will possibly operate with a 3.0-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine with pure sweet acceleration, 340 pound-feet of torque and around 350 horsepower; there’s the choice of an in-line 6-cylinder petrol engine with 235kW/320hp, V8 petrol engine with 230kW/450hp and an in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with 230kW/320hp for each of the 3 models under this series. The 6 series will exhibit fuel consumption of around 9.3–5.6 I/100 km; and CO2 emissions of about 217–147 g/km. The petrol engine models feature a sports exhaust system with superb power delivery and a steady engine sound, also the all-wheel drive system BMW xDrive is available on all models of the 6 series.


The exterior designs of the 6 series car model has always provided a sight to behold with sleek linings, poise and fine guile; its low and wide structure gives a sporty feel and the car actually looks to be smaller than previous models. The Convertible model which should be expected to feature a few months after the 6 series Coupe would possibly carry a different chassis code, actually all three car models possibly will. The new 6 series will definitely be lighter and firmer than the previous model.


This new 6 series model could raise the bar on model 6 series prices as the recent innovations and improvements in technology could change the appeal on a positive level. At this point it could be safe to expect a price range upwards of $80000. The launch dates for the 2018 BMW 6 series are not certain yet, but it’s expected to take place mid 2017. This upcoming model can move at a top speed of 155mph (250km/h), mileage from the European-spec model gives a hint at 2.0 I/100km (117.6 U.S. mpg) and 45 km (27 miles) range.


The tow capacity of the 2018 BMW 6 series will be highly improved due to a lower center of gravity, added high-strength steel in various parts and a wider track. Despite seeming smaller than its preceding version, the 6 series should conveniently be able to tow or convey at least 10% more.