Need For Education Management and Administration Course for the Aspirants

“You can’t grow long-term if you can’t eat short-term. Anybody can manage short. Anybody can manage long. Balancing those two things is what management is.” (Jack Welch)

Every organization needs a Management and Administration team to deal with the operations and functioning of their organizations. The same applies to educational institutes whose main function is to impart education to its learners. Management refers to the ability to get work done from others by utilizing the best available resources, whether they are human resources or non-human resources. They are in charge of the well-being of all those individuals who are related to the school or college and ensure its proper functioning, that is in tune with the goals, policies and philosophy of the institute. On the other hand, administration refers to the system of efficiently administrating the entire organization. The administration of an organization is mainly concerned with formulating the policies and preparing the objectives, targets and functions of the organization whereas management is concerned with providing proper guidance and direction required to achieve those goals and objectives.

All inclusive roles of Education Management and Administration

However since education is a dynamic field which undergoes changes almost on a continuous cycle; hence the job function of members of Education Management and Administration may involve from formulating policies to finding the best possible ways to realizing them for the benefit of the organization. Hence we may find a mid-level manager who is usually associated with duties to ensure the smooth functioning of all departments in the organization, also perform both managerial functions as well as help in framing the goals and objectives for the organization. For instance, they are involved with evaluating the kind of education that the students are receiving, the kind of teaching and non-teaching staffs that are recruited every time, ensuring that the staffs receive their remuneration at the correct time, ensuring that the materials used for education of the learners are effectively used and handled as well in a proper manner, et al. one of the ways to ensure this certainly is opting for an Education Management training.

Need for Efficient Managers

It has been rightly said by Anthea Turner, “The first rule of Management is delegation.”

An organization cannot run with only a few people sitting at the helm. People sitting on the top may formulate the goals and policies but they will need manpower and materials to realize them. Employees, who meet the organizations needs in order to comply with its vision and goals, need to be hired and used to their utmost capacity. However properly managing these resources is again a huge and equally important task. Therefore efficient managers need to be hired to ensure the proper management and use of the resources available in the organization.

Developing the requisite skills and expertise to become an able education manager/administrator may not come naturally. It may require some amount of experience in the relevant field. However as discussed above, a training degree will ensure that you are acquainted with the professional skills needed to succeed in this field. Hence you may choose to enroll for an Education Management course and learn the nuances of proper functioning of educational institutes.