on helping people save money!

Imagine this. You and your friends have been planning that long weekend wala Goa trip for ages.

And finally, everyone agreed. (yeah, you got lucky)
Yay! :)

Obviously, you are the one who got all of them together and now are tasked with booking flights and hotel.

You being the smart kid, started with finding discounts on google.

And you realised,
the web is flooded with discount discovery sites.
In couple of minutes, you had atleast 10 tabs of different coupon site on your browser.

But try finding an offer and you will realise how painful it can get! …

Before making a purchase, we often search various sites for coupons and deals to save money. However, mostly we are disappointed and end up satisfying ourselves with deals that are easily available or visible on the site itself.

Hence, here we introduce you to our new venture OFFRD, which provides deals/offers for various modes of payment and across multiple categories. Our platform helps you to save time and money, just the way you would like it.

OFFRD; saving money and time

All of us spend money every single day, for some or the other type of purchase. The amount of expenditure may vary across categories, but the various modes of payment, like credit cards, debit cards or e-wallets remains the same. The platform for purchasing can be either online or offline, but the expenditure has to happen whenever a purchase is made. …

Recently I shifted to the city of Chennai for a two-month long internship program with a reputed company. Moving in to a new accommodation was never so difficult. I had to get a list of the nearby ATM, grocery store (obviously, who does not need Maggi for survival and pulling long nights :p), restaurants ( From the beginning I knew Tamilian food just wasn’t my cup of tea), laundry service centre and a medical shop. I met my roommate and instantly asked her about everything. Barring the ATM and medical nothing was available within two kilometers of this hostel. This definitely left me in despair but then my eyes desperately found my smartphone or rather iPhone. That is when I realized that we don’t live in the nineties. We live in an era where a pizza is delivered before the arrival of an ambulance (Okay! That was copied). But let us think about it. Isn’t life become extremely convenient and almost everything we wish for is just a touch away. …

I think it is true for most of us that a sensibility for being a smart-buyer develops from college when one has to manage their own finances trying to balance roti, kapda, makan with beer and wine. Having the fortune of being in Delhi for higher studies made the job surprisingly easier. Of course, where else can one have the privilege of being able to buy 5–6 trendy tops in under 1000 bucks from Janpath market and then within a distance of merely a few meters can go and buy a pair of comforting Levis jeans to balance fashion & fads of college life with comfort. Now that you can not carry Sarojini and Janpath to every city you move to, all you can carry is the lessons taught by these live examples of real-time marketplaces that teach you the seller’s ideology behind pricing and consumer’s ideology behind negotiating. So, the first lesson that anyone who goes to Sarojini knows and can try to replicate to online shopping is that in even 50% of the price quoted, there is decent enough profit for the seller. …

Many a times companies do the kind work of providing deals and offers on their product or services but the only problem is that they are unable to communicate it well enough to the customers. This can’t be considered as brand’s fault, we as customers have literally closed all known ways through which brands try to reach out to us. Most of us no more reads a newspaper, we subscribe to add free services, activate DnD services on our phone, avoid promotional emails, etc. In case of Offline retail, in-store branding is the only way through which we get to know about offers and discounts. The only problem with this is that one needs to literally browse offers manually, physically visiting each store and settling for something when in this age of information, you can be making better choices even before entering the market place. …

India is a price sensitive market and every player in the market place understands this really well. Bundling the product with an offer has become an integral part of marketing campaigns which benefits customer by saving money and helps businesses with volume driven sales. Coca Cola in 1888 experimented with providing coupons and their sales sky rocketed. That model was so successful that it’s still replicated in business in different forms such as coupons, discounts, cashback, etc but the underlying principle remains the same, bundle your product with an offer and create a differentiation for your product. Narrowing down to Indian market, such a large market place brings ample opportunities for multiple players. …



helping people save money

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