I’m from Israel, warm weather, close neighborhood.
I’m from Sowarma, pizza with pineapples, Israeli sald, dairy food on Shawohot, shabbat dinners.
I’m from “come sit with us”, “what is your name?”, “I’m Ofir, nice to meet you”, “give to charity”, “come we are starting Kiddus, “more holidays more food”
I’m from Europe, Russia, holocaust survived family, parents who had nothing.

It felt weird to write who I am on a piece of paper and I felt as it is not a whole and I cannot put on a paper everything I am and everything I come from. I had to think about my parents and grandparent’s past and think about all the horrors they have been through. It made me want to found out more about who I am and who my parents are in a deeper sense.

The place we come from will give us the basic understanding of the world as we don’t know any different. It will make us believe in the reality we have and that will shape who we become. It can make us go in that path or chooce a different one.

It changes our reality and can make us see things differently. It can stay the same as what we are use to, but there is also the possibility of a huge change who will influence us positively or negatively. We might change. In our environment the school, kids, teachers, neighbors, work of the parents, and many more can cause a shift in our reality which can make us change.

The value is knowing who you are. The past made you who you are, it shaped you to the person you become and will keep changing you as the years goes by. You have to thank you past and never forget it because wthout your past you do not have a future.

No really. I was always connected to my past and loved learning about it. I also learned about the history of where my family is from and try to understand their life. I believe the past is a key to your future and so I try to focus on both.

My final story will have a lot to do with my past as I’m part of a student group that fights for it and for it’s right to exists. In my project I’ll try to the best of my ability to show how this groups help keep the history in our minds and how it helps me keep my personal history.

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