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Well, you heard all of the following before. you know there is a need to clarify the problem your startup is about to solve, you know you’ll need to pitch the solution in an elevator moving between floors and you realized you got to have somewhere a spreadsheet claiming you’ll be making 3 figures of million bucks in the 6th year…

That’s all true if you’re into taking your idea to the next level. …

Present Simple…

So, eXturn’s First-ever article will start by covering our current state. The present time. In future posts, we’ll deal with how did we get here or what is still expected. But this first post will be all about today… Beginning of June 2020…

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June 2020 is actually 6 months after establishing eXturn with the first seed funding. June 2020 is also 3 months after the Covid-19 really started striking hard on almost every spot on the planet and it is about a year and a half since we (the founders) met for the first time.

Currently, we’re in TLV, the 54th floor of this shared space with a great view of the sea. feels like the crazy beaches of TLV have the power to wake up all other aspects of life, now, that most of the limitations are off and life struggles to get back on track. …


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Experience in management, motivating teams, multi-disciplined organization, and leading process and projects. My story is all about leading a group of people

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