The world has plenty of stories where apparent ‘self-made’ individuals made it up from pennies to riches, all on their own. Stories of Steve Jobs starting Apple in his backyard to Google’s humble beginnings in a garage dominate today’s folklore. The idea of ‘doing it all by yourself’ is deeply rooted in today’s world, leaving people reluctant to ask for help lest they seem incapable.

The truth?

The entire idea of a ‘self-made’ individual who did it all by themselves is a myth. It is probably the most harmful myth in human psyche.

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Delegation of tasks ranks among the most underutilized skills in the workplace. The results of a 2007 study indicated that less than half [of the surveyed companies] were concerned with employee delegation skills while only 28% offered training on delegation of tasks. …

Start taking charge of creating a better life for a better you.

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Are you one of the ambitious people that create a habit and then break it in less than a week? Well, you aren’t alone, but why is it so hard to make a habit that sticks?

Just like any other field, it takes practice to be great at creating and maintaining habit. One of the ways to make a habit stick is to take baby steps, create a low-level commitment, and then only turn it into automatic behavior. You can start practicing with something that you are already doing but not making it as an act of habit yet.

1. Start saving money 💰

It could not have been more relevant this year because as we know, things can be easily taken away from us without our control, from jobs to the ability to travel. Having financial security is good to reduce stress and it allows for unexpected expenses not to break the bank but rather have little effect on the bigger picture. It is never too late to start saving and it can be done in a few ways such…

As most of us can only express feelings to each other online these days, it's crucial to give extra appreciation to the people that you care about.

1. Surprise them with a meal delivery

Having been in lockdown for a while, people tend to repeat the same dishes because they cook often or don’t want to think too much of what to eat. It’s nice to message your friend out of the blue and say “Hey, I got your lunch (or dinner) covered! Pass me your address, it’ll be there soon!”

P.S. Have it planned earlier in case they were already planning to order food.

2. Post a throwback photo of you and them together.

Accompany it with a sweet note of how grateful you are or some of the best memories you shared together. You can share it through Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platforms that you are both connected on. It should catch them by surprise and bring back good memories that you can reminisce about. …

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Mindfulness has come to the point where it integrates with our daily lives, our doing, conversation, and way of living. A state where everyone wants to be in order to feel content and happy about their lives and surrounding.

Mindfulness even landed a major cover on Time Magazine back in 2016.

Ever since that, there are so many emerging apps and platforms trying to give their take on the subject.

Omvana is one of the pioneers in the industry trying to incorporate the habit of meditation into our lives. Other than giving meditation tracks, it has also allowed user to mix ambient sounds into the meditation tracks. …

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This is my first task as a UI/UX designer, where my role revolves around brainstorming between Product Owner, Senior Product designer, and developers, and of course, mocking up wireframes and turn it into high fidelity screens.

A brief idea of Soulvana:

Soulvana is a brand under Mindvalley focusing more on spirituality learning through daily meditation & energy work conducted by some of the most excellent spiritual teachers in the industry. The app idea came to introduce the online group meditation feature to connect and meditate in real-time with thousands of people from around the world.


  • Understand the product requirement, and creating user flower and pencil sketch…


Oflavia Veranez

I am a self-help junkie, continuously searching ways to disrupt productivity, and improving wellbeing.

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