18 Reasons Why Donald Trump Is A Far Better President Than Barack Obama
Allan Ishac

This is the most irresponsible post/prose I’ve ever read.I’m black and proud but by universal standard of leadership, Obama can never come close to Mr. Trump. A man who placed gays, transgenders,muslims,bathrooms,marijuana and other filthy thrusts as his policy can not be entrusted with the leadership of the worst African country.

He was a disappointment to the black community which loud ovation, high hopes and expectations were doused by clueless leadership devoid of clear mission,vision and purpose. If Trump can achieve dignity for whites, then blacks have no reason to complain when a unique rare opportunity was given to their kinsman to prove a point but he so bastardized,squandered and flung such opportunity into abysmal indignity. What a shame!

If America must be great again-economically, militarily,morally and socially for all and sundry, Mr. Trump only needs to be firm with his lofty policies and posterity will write a more responsible prose to his credit.

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