A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 31st Unpresidented Week As POTUS
Ahmed Baba

Typical leftists Rants with the voice of Jacob but the hands of Esau(Obama)- choosing to major on the minors. While Mr. Obama was busy on irrelevant domestic issues like gay marriage,transgender promotion,bathroom affairs,muslims influx etc, North Korea,Iran among many other rival nations were busy developing sophisticated nuclear warheads intent at destroying even the US. Attempts by the leftists media to trivialize governance and distract Mr. Trump from focusing on urgent global issues are all in ignorant but calculated support for the detractors of the US to gain larger grounds.

Mr. Trump must talk to Mitch and protect congress’ phones from being smashed to appease the gods of over-aggrieved losers even at the expense of important internal and global issues. He must watch his speeches, the First Lady mustn’t wear high-heels,must hold tight Mr. Trump’s hands, Mr. Trump must parley with the media…all even at the expense of proffering instant and long term solution emergencies like the Harvey catastrophe.

Unfortunately too, the trivialities adorning the pages of the leftists tabloids also seek to subject Americans minds to trivialities. Americans before Obama were more concerned and more informed, by purposeful media then, about star wars, space shuttles,Russian exploits,Saddam,Qaddafi, Idi Amin and Noriega’s antics etc. Since Obama, it’s been the bathroom, bedrooms, parades and transgens super stories sinking the originally elevated investigative,informative and educative roles of the media.

The emergence of Rant with Ahmed Baba,even the once reputable CNN with its now Fake News crew,Huffpost, Allan Ishac, etc at this time, typifies the sympathetic and sorry deplorable state of the media. Elevated minds with sounds comments in social media have simply discountenanced the Fake News emissions and have resorted to hitherto unknown but more purposeful,more internationally oriented, more objective,more mature,balanced channels with unifying and not divisive intents.

Downplaying the danger in demonstration, rather than conferencing, in a satisfactory resolution of conflicts, is anti intellectualism. Lauding protests of any form, agitations of any kind and restiveness of any sort, belongs to the underdeveloped stages of social evolution. America and Americans have come of age and are more sophisticated than these. They’re regarded as the civilized model of the world demonstrating advance cultures for emulation by upcoming and undemocratic nations. It cannot afford to be misguided,misled and denigrated by disgruntled elements rallying in pockets of media establishments.

America and Americans must be great again to help the world curb the excesses of re-emerging modern potential global threats like Saddams, Amins, Hitlers, Klans, Gadaffis,Pinochet et al, in the form of Jung-Un,Putin and Rouhani. There’s an advanced constitutional way of curbing Trump’s true threats(if any) to America’s prominence besides witch-hunting and trivializing governance with his gestures,looks and “govevetes.”

I must hazard the submission that the Trump I discern from intuition, together with his loveliest,simplest and most humble First Lady pair, has a genuine motive for the US and a true vision for its greatness. His naive and rather crude manners offer the political innocence as a platform for the achievement of such a daunting task- take it or leave it. I am describing the only American President in modern decades who knows the real problems facing the US and their solutions.

To prevent the 9/11,Brooklyn,Tennessee, Orlando,Houston etc attacks, appeal to common sense that stringent immigration policy was a panacea. The Mexican drugs and crimes menace call for a Wall, a fortified American Military for current challenges cannot accommodate transgenders with moral issues, a stabilized American society cannot afford to raise gay issues heating up the polity. Hitherto coexisting groups in the US require no unnecessary frictions in a stabilized and booming economy.

It took Mr. Obama six years to know what was happening and 8 years not to know what to do. The policy thrusts of Mr. Trump will surely elevate the US beyond all its internal and external detractors if supported by well-meaning Americans. God bless America.

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