Code Fixing Clock Ticking — Tick Tock

Deadlines are lines that don’t actually kill, but knowing you have a deadline kills.

Day 3: Deadline and Asking of questions.

People find it very difficult to work with deadlines especially when they have series of tasks to perform. Today I learned how to manage my time and finish before the deadline.


- Write out the time for submission .

- Write out your own expected time to submit task (This should be an hour or more before deadline).

- Write out the list of tasks to perform.

- Don’t waste so much time solving one task, if it’s hard put a note that says anything you want e.g Comeback, not done

- When you reach the end of your tasks list check for unfinished task and finish them.

- Five important steps to meeting the deadline, I tried it today it worked and I had more time to myself.

Asking of question is an important step in programming. Your brain cannot take all the codes on earth so you need to ask questions. Also, you can get help from your teammates and instructor. The internet is always open so utilize all available resource e.g GitHub, google

Don’t hold back when it comes to asking your teammates and instructors, it is possible that they don’t know the exact answer but I trust they will always be leading you close to the solution. Storing all codes in text files and naming them properly helps you create a personal library.

Lesson: Managing deadlines and asking of questions makes your work easier and faster. Asking questions makes you learn faster.

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