Code Review

Every good story has a beginning and the end, but this won’t be the end because the story get better.

My experience so far has been amazing for this first week of boot camp, but like the old saying goes “leave the best for the last”. Code review has actually been my second favourite part of this boot camp, the first is passing all tests after running this code.

jasmine filename.js

Speaking on my second favourite moment, my code review isn’t like any normal code review, Code review has helped me in the following ways:

  • It happens on google hangout, which teaches me to talk like a profession.
  • This has helped me improve my communication skills.
  • My Boot Camp Facilitator Assistant (B.F.A), Mr Hassan has used it as a medium to teach me how to optimize my code, structure my work flow, use better logic.
  • In summary it has opened me up to new ways of learning.

My experience has taught me no man is an island, collaborating with my work mates or fellow boot campers is one key to achieving goals faster and better.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs” — Henry Ford

So collaborating has been fun with people I have never seen and the ones I saw during the self learning clinic.

My experience has taught me learning is fun when you follow the right steps, I received a link from my BFA to learn more about Binary Search and I learnt something new today.

I leave with this quote “There’s always a new experience each day you decide to chase your dreams — Ofor Chinedu.”

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