The Andela Dream

That moment when you change lines at the ATM stand then that line starts moving, yeah!!! That’s the reward life throws back at you when you turn your back on challenges.

People say life throws you one opportunity and when you see it, grab it! No, life throws you more than one opportunity each day, you just need to know when and how opportunity comes. One of life’s best way of giving us opportunities is through challenges.

Being in a Nigerian University and dreaming to be the best programmer in Africa is like paying for V.I.P tickets to go see the Micheal Jackson perform. Dreaming is not even the challenging part, but knowing your lecturers can only offer 10% of knowledge and you’re stuck with learning 90% on your own.

After NYSC, I decided to enroll for JAVA EE. Making my way out of the classroom only to find out everything had gone mobile was a big challenge to me. It felt like a wasted effort. Now that’s what you call “wahala”- Nigerian translation of the word “impossible”, but in tech language we say knowledge or skill gap.

Switching from one programming language is said to be easy by those who have experience using that language, but I wasn’t that experienced. I sought for feedback from my fellow programming buddies and in their own language you snooze, you loose. They encouraged me to start taking online courses and I did. It wasn’t that fun and I wanted to quit but like the saying goes, winners never quit and quitters never win. I did HTML, CSS and JavaScript online and I can say I am up to date with other programmers.

One faithful day I got a link to apply for a job as an Andela Fellow; I did and I was sent a zip folder containing Andela Home-Study guide. I was already an online learner so it wasn’t new to me rather it gave me a competitive edge and today I am on that road to becoming an Andela Fellow.

Life isn’t that bad so stay on the ATM line; It will move soon, and lastly don’t leave the food line for any reason!!!

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