Don’t zone me!
I don’t like that!!!

Friends. High school through college gave me a chunk of them.

Your altruistic self would always find a way to shield you.

Watching these shady dudes play you, taking you home and whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

While I just, I just sit here ready for you to come with your sob stories.

Greeting you with open arms, seeing you tear up, listening to you screaming, wondering why you can’t find the right guy.

Sometimes I wish I knew what kinda brain you girls have. “Bird brains”?

See, which of your friends calls you before 6:30am just to check up on you?

It’s your birthday, and that’s all am thinking about.

Am all soaked up with words to spit when I call you at 12:00am

Who does that without motivation?

I had enough. More than enough.

So you think because of the fuck boys who treated you like a piece of sh*t, you have rights to zone me?

See, this what even gets me on the eleventh planet,

Girls who zone guys all in the bid to know how guys think. Really?

I wish you well on your journey of no return.

You zone me and ask me where all the good men are?

They are at Obosey Okai selling spare parts.

One day I will find love.

That sublime kinda love.

The kinda of love I need.

Until then, I’ll keep my arms open watching those rude fools play you.

Give it time, give it time I know you’ll soon change your mind.

(😊 Note this isn’t out of resentment or in any way personal)


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