đź’ˇLittle lights

Ive always believed candle lit vigils are metaphysical. Like Yoga to Hinduism, candles are a mantra-or more like japa malas (prayer beads that assist meditation)- until i find peace, i meditate occasionally, usually to reach equanimity during bedlam. On this day of meditation, I’m turning on 6 lights, one for each important event in my life.

(Note these meditations are not out of resentment and unforgiveness, I meditate to invite these memories to come, dance with me as i make peace with myself)

💡 Little lights

  • One went out when I lost Tomtina to. Cerebrospinal meningitis in 5th grade
  • One went out when I had to leave my so fond-of elementary school for another
  • Another went out when I lied to my mother, telling her I didn’t do it
💡Little lights in my heart
  • One went out when I told my uncle the weed he found wasn’t mine. Now I smoke like a chimney
  • The penultimate one went out in the township of James TownWhen I tasted the apple of a Ga damsel
💡Little lights in my heart
  • The last and most important one went out when I received that heart drenching txt from Abba, simply telling me it was over

It’s getting dark in this heart of mine.

We’re born with millions of little lights shining in our hearts

But the intricacies of life will always find a way to put them off

When ever we experience blissful moments, a little light in us is lit…

Same way, a little light goes off when we sad….

Make your blissful moments count.

đź’ˇLittle lights