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Environment variables in vue.js are of course critical in order for your app to support multiple environments (local, develop, staging, production). However, they often prove more trouble than they are worth. Every developer I know has spent a few hours trying to figure out weird bugs related to the way env vars are loaded (typically strings when you expect a boolean), and then a couple more hours trying to design a definitive solution to handle them. Collectively, the amount of man-hours wasted by the industry must be staggering. We propose here a simple solution for handling environment variables in a vue.js app. …

This is the first article in a series where I discuss key software concepts that a non-tech manager should know. Next articles will focus on deliverables, technical debt, MVP, the role of a CTO.

Source code is nothing. Source code is everything. Source code is worth nothing. Source code is worth… well, something.

Source code is the stuff developers produce every day, all day long. If you look over a dev’s shoulder, you might see things that makes no sense to you, but you might recognize a few quasi-english words here and there: if... else..., foreach, class, function, etc. …

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A common objection for startups to outsourcing their software development is that “my software is too important to outsource”. I believe this to be a fallacy. Here’s why.

First, a disclaimer: at dzango tech accelerator where I work, we provide managed software outsourcing solutions, so I am admittedly biased. Nevertheless, in my 20 odd years in IT, I have been far longer a consumer of IT services than I’ve been a provider. Below are some lessons from the customer side of the fence.

Startups routinely outsource critical functions, either through lack of capital, lack of expertise, or both. As an example, I know a startup that provides a marketplace for food producers and restaurants. Early on, they decided deliveries was too important to be left to individual producers and had to be under their control. Yet they didn’t build a warehouse, buy trucks and hire drivers. …


Olivier Pichon

Tech entrepreneur. CTO at dzango tech accelerator.

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