I also believe that customer oriented marketing is the way to go.
Soumit Mishra

Yep. And because the model does not fit, it starts turning into a race to the bottom. The race often manifests itself as a discount fest.

Most of people here do not want to buy a 25k smartphone. But in an attempt to train us, the e-commerce companies discount it down to 18k.

Never mind that the average consumer just does not have enough purchasing power to sustain purchases like that.

Whenever they raise it back to 25k, they will end up with roughly the same percentage of customers as before. Only now, they’ve lost millions in a stupid price war.

Money that could have been spent in sustaining the company and building a product suited for this market.

We as a country, do not value our convenience enough to shell out money for it. The only option you, as a marketplace/platform, are left with is charging the vendors. And vendors, just like the customers, will turn on you and leave for the next startup with deep pockets.

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