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Bettex project weekly updates (June 24 — June 30)

Bettex project
Jul 1 · 2 min read


Tests on the world’s first decentralized betting exchange continue!
As the first players give feedback, our exchange gets better. And therefore we are launching a 2-in-1 airdrop contest 100% bet! Anyone can get 20 BTXC for free and try their hand at it. Contest conditions are simple, please see more about in our telegram channel.

exchange website — dex.bettex.bet
video pre-review is
here (eng subs available)
get BTXC for bet on

dApp affiliate program

Our team creates a multi-level referral program that can be used by all dApps based on Waves Platform. We got post about getting a grant for this goal some time ago. Program release is scheduled for the near future.


dApp betting exchange release, cooperation with Waves Platform, other important factors determine the development of our project and add new tasks. We update the roadmap, complementing in detail and remaining true to the main goal of Bettex project. A new version of the roadmap for dApp Bettex and BTXC will be provided soon.


Project info and news are presented on forum.wavesplatform.com now.

Masternodes / POS

ROI 69%, 536 masternodes online, more about it.


The current version of wallet 3.2.1 is available here.

We always welcome feedback and take into account your wishes to the content of such reports! Please write to us.

Useful links

actual version of Bettex Core wallet
Youtube channel
Telegram channels (EN, RU)
Telegram chats (EN, RU)

Bettex project

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Our key idea is building decentralized betting exchange based on blockchain, where cryptocurrency Bettex coin will be used as a means of payment. www.bettex.bet