It sucks that we have to work for money. But it gets worse when you perform below expectations.

I got my first internship immediately after school and for six months, I put in everything I got in a role I was new to. As a ‘visionary’, any other idea at work that wasn’t in flow with the ones I had, I deemed it insufficient to change the world. This didn't go down well as you can imagine.

We were four interns and three were retained after six months. Guess who wasn’t. Take a wild guess. Your boy!

Here are five lessons I learned from sucking at my 9–5

You’re not Steve Jobs

Sorry to break it to you but you’re not the…

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This Intelligence-Driven Psychometric Tool is looking to change the way applicant assessment is done in Africa

Imagine an organization where every hire is the best possible fit for a job.

From the experienced CEO — to the intern who’s in the middle of his first degree in college. An organization where all employees are reflective of the company’s culture, values and business goals.

Think of how much resources are spent on bad hires and that will give you an indirect estimate of resources that will be conserved when all (or most)hiring decisions are perfect. …

You can’t be an impostor to what you’ve not identified with

Feel like a fraud?

I watched my niece attempt something and fail terribly at it. Every time she failed, we would both laugh it off and she will do it again. It’s almost like she felt joy from doing something so badly. Maybe because who she was, wasn’t defined by how her audience (me, in this case) thought of her, or her own result. Impostor Syndrome who?

For my 3-year-old niece — when success was not the barometer for the task, Joy was the outcome. …

A Genesis story of how I ended up here.

17 years before the coronavirus pandemic began and on a day brimming with celsius. I picked up my shoes from the floor in my small bedroom, ran into the living room and wore them in front of everyone at home.

It was hard to contain my excitement, as I finally got the chance to wear a coat my dad got me for ‘Young professionals day’.

“God bless you all!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I was six years old and I wanted to be a pastor at the…

Men, everywhere, all the time, bear a burden, under God, to care for the well-being of women.

I asked my sister if she was satisfied with the men who joined the online protest on raising awareness for ending rape.

“Yeah, I guess. They’re lending their voices”

“But is that enough?”. I continued

“No, it isn’t. It isn’t. It’s more than posts. Many of them know rapists but its the bro code. They can’t speak up. Their posts could be fake. I don’t trust them. It’s not enough. They need to do more.

Warfare as we USED to know it

Missiles. Bazookas. Grenades and Semi-automatic guns.

These and…

How to align your actions with your desires

When I started this publication, Writing daily was one of the two things I wanted to do consistently. The other was read two chapters a day in the Bible. One I found a way to do repeatedly, the other I found a way to avoid.

My Actions, putting my real priority on display — as written in part one of this article.

One goal (writing), has a physical reward which I can see daily in terms of growth and shares, so I quickly embrace. The other, a more eternal reward that may…

Now playing Logic’s “under pressure”

This was a great album mind you

The euphoria was great you know. People I hardly know connecting with an article, sharing it, quoting and finding something I wrote relatable to their situation as well.

My hope is that everyone who reads it doesn’t expect another quality work from me two days in a row. Phew! That would be too much pressure.

I just want to relass and write here guys. Is this too much to ask? I’m carrying the expectation of an audience right now. I feel the curse of Ronaldo. (Messi fanboys, avoid me)

‘Follow your heart’ is such bad advice. Follow your actions instead

But what do you think about this? A man with two sons told the older boy, ‘Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.’ The son answered, ‘No, I won’t go,’ but later he changed his mind and went anyway.

Then the father told his other son, ‘You go,’ and he said, ‘Yes, sir, I will.’ But he didn’t go.“Which of the two obeyed his father?”


If you’re trying to establish or maintain a habit, here’s a quick rule of thumb: Do not do for three days what you don’t want to do forever.

This is my 8th article and I’m very proud of this but another statistic gives me more joy.

The fact that It’s the third daily article in a row.

Why is this so special to me? Because I’ll do anything to avoid what I don’t feel like doing.

3 in a row.

I’ve put my feelings aside and written on days when I had nothing to write and on days I hated…

‘Show up!’ is everyone’s favourite motivational quote. E get why

Just do it is not the best advise in the world

For one moment, consider yourself a self-proclaimed writer or artist or something you think you’re good at. Done that? Great. You’ve decided you’ll take this craft seriously and put in the work whether you feel like it or not, every day. Do me a favour as well, give this imaginary genius a name.

Wow, day one you’re doing it. You feel the rush. Day two, resistance comes but you push through and still do it. On day three, you feel unstoppable, you were born to do this! It’s like the…

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