Three Interesting Colleagues I Have Met this Bootcamp

Boot camp hasn’t been all about programming and web development, I have met some interesting people in the process. The first person, I was in contact with was Samuel, we started talking through slack, and he turned out to be really nice, and willing to hear my opinion. Turns out, this is he’s second time at bootcamp so he had some helpful tips for me. Talking to him only made it easier for me to talk to others.

Then I met Kemi , the only other female in my group, she’s a very interesting person and apparently a romance adviser. She sat by me on day 1 of bootcamp, we started talking, and I instantly felt comfortable with her, she was very welcoming, and always willing to help.

Meeting Wale was interesting to me, because he was the third person I had spoken to, who also was attending the bootcamp for the second time. From the little time we talked, before we got split into groups, I could tell that he’s very determined this time around, as he knew where he faulted the last time, and worked on them. In a way, he kind of inspired me, added to my motivation of wanting to succeed at this bootcamp, talking to him reminded me of my end goal, and staying focused until that goal is achieved.

I haven’t had much chance to meet others, as I have been busy with the challenges, but I hope to get a chance to speak with more people the next time we reconvene.

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