What a feeling when you find out something different that ignites the giant in you. This was my feeling when I first heard about the Android Learning Community opportunity to learn android for all levels{beginner and intermediate stack}. I must confess, I am not a newbie to programming but this was different from other programming languages {Ruby, Javascript, .net,C++ and C#} I had learnt earlier.

The problem I faced in most of these programming languages was showcasing my work which could be difficult as most of them required hosting and domain except one would have to make use of some special tools. This wasn’t really as burdensome to me as creating a mobile app. Creating a mobile app was something I had much interest in but it was difficult for me to achieve this feat with visual studio; as my laptop didn’t meet up to the system requirements for running the mobile emulator. I also didn’t have a windows phone as an alternative. However, I got a link on my departmental whatsapp group chat {I am currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in University of Lagos} about Andela, sponsoring young people on learning Android at beginner or intermediate level respectively. I was elated, not minding my previous failure of making mobile app with visual studio. I was encouraged as I was sure that people around me use android phones. This could be a potential means of running emulator as Android phones are the most popular devices. I quickly filled the registration form for the beginner’s stack and looked forward to being called for the program. I got a link to take an online test which I did and got 66%, I was perplexed at first as I wasn’t sure of the number they would select for the program. It happened that I was selected and this was where the journey of mobile app development began.

My journey into Android development began with the support of Andela that sponsored me with the best tutorial site, Udacity, where I learnt more than I could ever imagine. Also, Andela provides slack, whatsapp community and also meet-ups through which we learners communicated and got help. Although at first, I had problems installing the Android studio {Gradle build failure, the worst to explain} and this was a period when I had to submit project 1 but with the help of fellow learners through meet-ups, slack and my location I was soon able to solve this problem. Next was running the app, but this was quickly solved as I had gotten a new android device. I encountered many bugs with my laptop OS crashing which took me time to fix and to face another problem with first installation of Android studio {gradle build again}.

My final project !!. Yeah, This was the best moment of the whole learning process because I had finished all the tutorial on Udacity but the Rubicle which was the guide for scoring the app was so sincerely strict. I couldn’t imagine all I would have to put together just on the app and it being a quiz app with criteria such as images and many other concepts in android to be implemented side by side. I had to take time to brainstorm and make a small guide on the way I wanted each layout to look like, from the beginning of the user using the app to the end. Finally, I finished my sketch but noticed that I had not been taught how to use multiple layout otherwise known as Multi Screens. I had to search google to see how it can be done and even converse with one of my fellow learner (Ojo Stephen) who had finished his app. We did more brainstorming, researched more and finally found how to do it using intent. Yeah, you would have taught it was over but it wasn’t. I needed to save content from one layout to the other which had some field and user answers to questions. I was able to fix this with more info on the intent on Android developer site.

Finally, I had the most beautiful working app created that meet all requirements for the Quiz Rubicle and couldn’t hold up the joy I felt within me. For this was a dawn of a new era in my life for I had earlier started finding programming boring but now I felt like those ideas which I had before was just seconds from being a reality. I know now that with time I would soon be able to upload my apps even on Google Play Store. Here is a link to my app QUIZBEKS you can play with the version 1.0 for now.
some screenshot of the quizbeks app.

This is where I acknowledge and thank those who made this dream come true. First, I thank God for his grace and mercy in keeping me alive and seeing me through. I want to say a big thank you to the person who uploaded the ALC link on my department whatsapp group for without me seeing this link there would be no stories. Thanks a million times to Andela the chief sponsors who made it possible to set the communities, slack channel and not only that the geo-location meet-ups and also putting a smaller unit group (whatsapp) so that everyone can feel connected. Special thanks to the Udacity site management who made use of a comprehensive means of explaining different concepts that would had been cumbersome to a beginner. I so much love this tutorial site. Thanks again to Kunal and Katherine my tutors on Udacity website. Your smiles are the best, they add flavor to the tutorial to make it simple to understand. Thanks to my colleagues in the slack channel, whatsapp group, you all kept me on my toes to work harder and not give up. You encourage me by making me conscious of the fact that I need to improve constantly. Thanks to my friends, family and everyone even if I did not mention your name specifically. You all were great and supportive one way or the other. I pray you will all hear more of my success stories.

Thanks Readers… Please, download my app and comment here….

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