Bootcamp Experience So far so good

So far so good, Bootcamp has been lovely, wonderful and awesome, am so glad to be here and I thank God for bringing me this far. My name is Ogbemudia Rex, an Andela Bootcamper. It’s day three at Bootcamp and I will be giving a brief rundown of my experience at Bootcamp so far.

OOP(Object Oriented Programming) Experience

One of day two’s skill sessions was on OOP(Object Oriented Programming) and we were required us to submit an output, the output, was for us to create an OOP implementation by modeling a real-world scenario or problem, while we took advantage of inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and the other OOP concepts. Tackling the above challenge made me dig into OOP and by so doing, I got to understand more about OOP concepts such as encapsulation, polymorphism and inheritance and I used what I had learnt to create an Aminal class and a Cat class which was a subclass of the Animal class. Please feel free to check the code on GitHub.

Writing Professionally

Professional writing, was also part of our skill session for day two and the expected output was to write a Medium blog post on our experience at Bootcamp so far. So, I went on online to research on how to write a quality blog post and how to write professionally. From the knowledge I got from my research, I was able to write a blog post on, which I titled Bootcamp So Far So Good. You can find the link to my blog post below.


Andela’s Bootcamp is not just about our daily outputs, we are also working on a project which we are expected to work on throughout our stay at Bootcamp. The project is titled, More-recipe, it is an app that will enable its users to share their recipe with one another. So far so good I have been able to create the UI template for the project and wrote some working route. Yeah, that’s basically been, my experience at Bootcamp so far. Thank you for your time. Bye.