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Web application deployment has always been the phase of software development that web developers tend to dread, even though it’s something that shouldn’t be.

but why is that…

because an app that could be working perfectly fine on your local machine, when put a server suddenly decides to go through their teen rebellion phase and become stubborn and then stops being that little lovely app that was perfect on your local machine, and you find yourself dealing with issues like static assets management, database configuration and don’t even get me started on your media asset management.

Well all that ends now…(at least i hope it does), as we will be going through a step by step process in which we will build an app that you could reuse anytime you want to deploy your django application on heroku. …

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What is Django?

Django is an Open Source High-Level Python Web Framework that encourages rapid development. It is referred to as “the web framework for Perfectionist with a deadline” because it was designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

Why Use Django.

Some of the features of Django that makes it amazing include:

  • It Supports Rapid Development
  • It is Full Featured
  • High Performace
  • Very Secure
  • Very Scalable

Many Popular Web Applications use/used Django for its development (Note that for some of these applications, Django is heavily customized), some of these sites include:

…and the list goes on and on and on. …

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Prettier is an awesome tool I came across and can’t get enough of, so guess what, am writing about it. Prettier is an opinionated code formatter that integrates with most editors (at least that is what is on their site).

Just imagine not having to manually format your javascript code, but rather with each save of your file, your code automatically formats itself, that is adding proper indentation, semi-colon where they should be, sounds cool right. I'll show you how to integrate Prettier into my favorite text editor, Sublime Text.

Step 1: Install Prettier

$ npm install -g prettier

Step 2: Install Package Control in Sublime…

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Don’t judge but this is first write up. I have never pictured myself as the writing or sharing type, heck I don’t even know what am going to write just hoping to go with the flow. Today been the 7th day of October 2017 will always a memorable day for me, why you ask, well that’s because I attended my first meetup today (and by meetup here I mean a developers meetup). When I got the information about the forloopPH meetup I was pumped up, for like 5 minutes, why? Because some part of me knew that this was something i needed to excel in my career as a programmer. But why did the excitedness (not sure if that is a real word) last for only about 5 minutes? Well you see, am a very shy guy, though I don’t like acknowledging that to other people or even to myself but it’s the fact. The point is I always tried my best to run away from anything that will put me in a situation where I have to meet with new people or a group of people I don’t know. And I have perfected the act of avoiding situations like this that I can come up with very good excuses as to why I shouldn’t leave my spot in my comfortable room (yes, I do have a spot).But …

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