New Year Legacy


The Gregorian Calendar is a mostly under rated invention in my own opinion. It is a slight modification of the Julian calendar.

Amazingly, in a world so full of diversity, less than 5 countries do not use the Gregorian calendar actively. The whole world’s New Year’s Day all seem to fuse into a single day. Folks who might have had objections about celebrating Christmas don’t think twice about celebrating the start of a New Gregorian Year. There’s that feeling about the New Year’s Day that make one take stock and try to recalibrate. Given how long it’s been in existence (since 1582), I doubt if it’s going anywhere anytime soon.


How do you start your New Year? Resolutions? Swear to become a better person and not give two Fs while chasing those papers? Not that I am judging.

My 2018 New Year’s Eve (and days leading up to the big day obviously) was chilled back, a bit of introspection and a lot of gratefulness on how 2017 panned out. It has been challenging in its own way. Balancing the rigours of being a family man and trying to keep working while sustaining a network of relationships. There was that constant push to be better while not exactly sure if one was.

Anyhow, I got my resolution all ready for ‘18. Like a lot of folks, it’s mostly clichè-d stuff. Better family man, work harder, read and write more, get more involved with charity, take more risks and ferret out opportunities, drink wider for the experience (no, no, we don’t get inebriated) and get more wristwatches.

Happy New Year, The Ardmore and Ukodo

Well, right after sending obligatory New Year message to the parents and wishing the in-laws a great year, one needs to get to the meat of celebrating 2018.

First was singing Auld Lang Syne written by the genius poet, Robert Burns (Susan Boyle’s version ain’t half bad with the Lothian accent coming through). Then a toast. This year, it was an Ardmore Legacy used for the toast.

The Ardmore Legacy was chosen as my drink of record this year. I love the light peatiness (I see you Laphroaig and Ardberg). It smells young and light without causing me to gag. One can still feel the taste of the young oak casks used, light smokiness and the feel of nuts. There’s some caramelish sweetness as the light golden lava hits the palate and drips down the gullet to create some fiery volcano. The sweetness isn’t over done. The Legacy’s smokiness reminds one of fine cigars without the nicotine. After the first dram, I kept feeling that smokiness and some spice (surprise!). This Ardberg does feel a wee bit light, but it isn’t to be underestimated, it still packs a great punch.

What is the New Year without starting it with good food? Over the years, we’ve adopted Ukodo as our main New Year’s breakfast (not that I had much choice. Ah!). Amazingly, I can’t seem to think of any other meal that would work on the 1st of January (Stockholm syndrome anyone?)

Happy New Year, abudy. Oot wi the aul, and in wi the new. A the best for 2018!*

*Happy New Year everybody, out with the old year and in with the new!