I have met quite a number of colleagues during this Bootcamp. These fellows are united by purpose and I am one of them. They fired-up for a common goal. Their Goal is to learn and become a better software Developer based on best practices and more. While we are united by purpose, these fellows also beware in mind that the next person to him is a competitor. In this terrain, it is unusual to find friendly colleagues who will not hold back to share knowledge and collaborate with one another.

To my greatest surprise I found three great Guys with like minds. They are so frees and friendly. Though they do share similar behavior but they also have unique qualities.

The first Person is SULAIMAN ABUDU.

I met Suleiman on my first day at the Bootcamp. He is sociable and calm. He told me that he came all the way from Abuja down to Lagos because of Andela Bootcamp and he has not been able to complete the Pre Bootcamp assignment. I encouraged him and we talked more. After each day during the home learning session we would ask me “how far” and I would reply “I am trying my best”. His calmness intrigues me.

The Second Person is JUSTIN NEBO.

Justin is so friendly and he is an extrovert. He loves to impact knowledge and everybody around him likes him including me. He is energetic and enthusiastic with positive attitude towards learning new concepts and skills quickly. I am passionate about engineering and innovations. He is calm too even in the face of pressure. It seems to me that he has quality of a leader.

The third Person, Oghenemaro Onokpise.

I never saw him coming, he must have noticed me from a distance. He has so much passion to learn new things. I believe there is so much good things about that I cannot say but with the little I know of him, I would say he is friendly and energetic.

Thank you.

Ogedengbe Babatunde