A glimpse of my amazing 2017.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

I didn’t think i’d be making a post reviewing how great my 2017 had been, usually, a year review for me meant sitting in a preferably dark and quiet room with only the sound of distant bangers and loud laughter after the crossover into the new year. But after reading Yagazie Emezi’s twitter thread on how awesome her 2017 had been so far, I was so inspired and realised there was definitely something different and special with 2017.

I’ll start from the very beginning…I started the year with the usual mindset of “New year, New me…clean slate” rubbish and boy! was I delusional. I had just recently returned to Lagos after spending close to 12 months in Delta State working at a terrible office doing a * for lack of a better word…* shitty job.

I wasn’t so excited about a lot of things especially the fact I had officially started my year as a National Youth Service Corp member (I delayed doing this for the longest time, but it turned out to be an exciting experience…lol) and I was going to be alone as my ex and I had ended things before my relocation.

I was initially posted to an Engineering firm in Victoria Island in Lagos and on getting there, I realised that what I really wanted to do with my service year was to pursue my passion for Front end development. So I went seeking for the opportunity to explore this elsewhere, hence the beginning of my journey at Cregital.
 I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Cregital and I appreciate all the love and care…really, these guys are amazing! they really provided and took good care of me.

Sometime in February, I had a really rough time, was heartbroken and devastated, so I decided to focus more on other things and just tried preoccupying myself with work and I became more of a workaholic, losing myself in my work and i’d be honest, while I did this, I found a lot of exciting things I had no idea where happening. To digress a bit…in 2013, I fell in love with what I now call “Front end development” (back then I called it “Web design”, anyways, I think that’s what it was.). I hadn’t realised that there was a small portion of the economy called the “Tech community” in Lagos (yes, yes, I know, I was living under a huge, massive rock.) and immediately went back to my twitter account that I had abandoned for the longest time trying to catch up on all of the amazing things going on. I must say, in my opinion, it’s a beautiful thing to see how much Front end development has evolved over the years. Back in 2013, I hadn’t even considered it a Career (sigh…little did I know).

In March through till May, I was given the opportunity to work on a major web product called “Monapay” which was the most exciting thing that had happened to me at the time and with the help and support from everyone on the team, we were able to pull off this project gracefully.

In all honesty, I was still battling a lot of personal problems throughout till July, when I had my first ever meltdown which left me at my lowest point…I had hit Rock bottom. I spent so many nights in silent tears and it started to tell on my performance and health as well.
Here’s the funny thing…that was all it took, that was all I needed to jolt me back to reality.

You know those scenes in movies where the main character is having an out-of-body experience usually between life and death and then the doctor jolts them back to life by (again, for lack of a better word…) electrocuting them and sometimes it seems like the whole movie was made within that phase *coughs…“If I stay”*, well, that was exactly what it was like.

I had so much to be grateful for in the month of July as well, Monapay launched successfully and Maliyo began (I was so excited…too excited, things were looking up, I felt amazing). I drew inspiration from our team and everyone gave it their best, our CEO (Evans Akanno) inspired and encouraged me a lot to be relentless on this project. We had built the first module of this project and after getting feedback during our review with the client, we decided a redesign of the current user interface would be the solution. We had a shorter period of time to work with but in the end we made it happen.

In August, Maliyo launched and I was more determined than ever and super pumped. Coincidentally, I had just seen GaryVee’s August motivational postThank you Habeeb Sanni!, I decided I wasn’t going to let all of those troubles weigh me down.

Then I embarked on my first 10 day UI Challenge (Thank you Habeeb again, for seeing me through this) and I felt a lot more confident in myself, I also appreciated all the love and encouragement during and after the UI challenge. 
I went to work with nothing but utter and complete joy! … I love what I do!
I fell in love with myself (Thanks to the people that showed me I could be beautiful even as a work in progress), appreciating my growth everyday. I like to think i’m a bunch of beautiful imperfections (or maybe just imperfections…it doesn’t matter).
I learnt to appreciate those moments I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders because, truly, they reminded me to keep moving and keep trying harder.

My favourite screen during the UI challenge

In September, I turned a year older…lol, I actually saw a strand of grey hair…*pluck*…out you go. I’m grateful for all of the wishes and special posts on social media and a really warm thanks to Yvonne Alozie for making that day extra special.
Also, I started seeing this American sitcom “How I met your mother” with my second family (I know it’s an old sitcom released in 2005, but to be honest, it’s really great to see and appreciate the effort and consistency put into shooting the sitcom back then), It was mostly something to look forward to after a long strenuous day…(and by the way, Lily and Marshal are without a doubt my favourite characters).

In October, I spent most of my time rounding up my NYSC service program, going hosting outreach events with my community development service group to public schools and contributing to the society in the little ways we could. I was in the ICT sector and our aim was to educate the youth on the advantages of technology today. It felt amazing being a part of the lives of some of the children in the schools we visited. We organized competitions for them, where they were encouraged to hunger and thirst for more knowledge.

In November (finally completed my NYSC service year…whoop whoop!), We had began a new web product called “Dispatch”. This product gave me the opportunity to get better at managing my time, product development (yes, I love building products and experiences), as well as the opportunity to work very closely together with other great and beautiful minds like Afolabi Abass and Adebayo Mustafa (AdebsAlert) on the team.

In December, Monapay emerged as the winners of the AFFDisrupt2017 competition (an absolutely glorious moment for the team).


We launched our new website as well….yasssssss!

I made my first medium post on web accessibility and it got featured on the Noteworthy — The Journal Blog. I appreciated the feedback and encouragement guys!

And in the last few days of the business year, I’ll be honest, rounding up the year was so hectic and everyone, I mean everyone had their plates full with all of the projects, trying to churn out as much as we could before the end of the business year.

During the holidays, I went into a long moment of subtle reflections and I realised that I had a lot to be thankful for. The beautiful people I met (so many amazing people to be thankful for), the amazing events I attended, those colleagues turned friends and family.
I am never going to stop trying, I am never going to stop giving my all to what I do. And the mere thought of the fact that I’ve already started doing a little of 2018's work in 2017 only means that there are better and greater things ahead.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

So, Hello 2018! and boy! am I looking forward to a year of love, laughter, suprises and more products to build…lol!

I wanted to be overly dramatic and make this post at exactly 12am but…what the hell… Happy New Year everyone!

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