The Golden Opportunity: My Android Learning Community Experience.

From my exposure to information Technology a few years back, I discovered I had this longing to go beyond the consumption level of tech, but rather be a contributor to the tech process.

Over the course of time, I heard about several avenues, training and boot camps where one can learn programming, sadly all these options were highly exorbitant that I could barely afford the fees or the requirements were conditions I could not meet.

So my plans to change the world only existed in the realms of wishful thinking. Like many folks out there wanting to get started with coding I had tried a few tutorial videos, though a great idea, but basically lacked one key element, human (interaction) interface.

Like a miracle the Andela Android Learning Community opportunity came, and I enrolled, this is how my transformation journey began.

The videos demystified programming not to appear as rocket science, as they were the simplest way of explanation I have ever seen.

Through the program I realized that the human factor of interaction plays a very significant role in helping one achieve a set objective.

The program had helped me become more responsive and compassionate to the needs of others, throughout the course of the training my soft skills such as team spirit and communicating with others via slack, twitter, Whats App, asking questions from others or providing answers to other people’s problems have greatly improved.

The main challenge I had was balancing the task with a very tedious work schedule I had. The things that kept me from giving up was the stories from the personal experiences of fellow participants on how they were determined to succeed irrespective of the challenges on their way.

Like a dream my journey into programming became a reality when I completed the challenges. I have come to understand in clear terms how xml can be used to design beautiful and functional User Interfaces for Android Apps and how Java codes controls the functionality of Android apps.

I have learnt how to be more determined about what you believe in irrespective of the challenges.

The impact of this on me and others will last on the test of time.

Thank you Andela for making this happen.