Fuck You, Trump. My baby was “ripped out of my womb” because I was going to die.
Cecily Kellogg

Wow, what a horrible thing to go through. I’m so sorry you lost your children but am happy you survived. I am also 100% positive that Trump would have supported abortion in your situation. There are actually very few facts relating to late term abortions. A good read can be found at http://www.factcheck.org/2015/09/clinton-off-on-late-term-abortions/

What Trump and I oppose are elective late term abortions. If someone says it never happens, then I guess it doesn’t matter if they are banned. To be honest, I abhor abortion as a means of birth control but I am also a pragmatist and realize that we can’t undo Roe v Wade. I just hope the numbers continue to decline.