Third person in that blessed Trinity

Actively worked behind the scenes

Right from the time creation began

Up on till His grand descent

Filling all who waited on Pentecost morn

The perfect custodian of God’s presence

That heavenly water that fills and refreshes

Becoming the fire that burns and purifies

Blowing as wind of heaven that brings life and power

Thy indwelling in man portrays a life of Christ

Fruits,this life will bear

Deeply rooted and never uprooted

Cause in God its root are found

The possessor of this spirit is made silent

To the world but never from the word

Deafening this silence is to the devil

Who constantly seeks to sway the soul of man

This spirit, intercessions for you He makes

With groaning your mouth can’t utter

A linguistic pattern in prayer He gives

Aiding no brain racking

Even in your floundering state

Constant communication between you and God He keeps

Coming when in your conditions of despair

Giving buoyancy to hope and life

Undeterred in looming conditions around

Rearranging your priorities and stabilizing your emotions

He’d do

Taking you to heights beyond mere words

Keeping you there so you’d never fall off

Oh,that you teach me in words of living flame

What Christ would have me to

Kindling a flame of love and zeal

All within this heart of mine

Thou maker of Jesus real to my heart

Make real to me also,all that you said

Do through me all the things I read

From that book you so inspired

Continually fill this thirsty soul of mine

For I am the GLOVE I pray Thy hands should fill