All exponential growth eventually plateaus. When Microsoft’s growth plateaued, investors clamored for dividends and got it. Apple might be on the verge of a plateau or may already have plateaued.

I agree with Jason on the concept of “enough” in the following sense.

When growth plateaus, let the next growth phase arise out of innovation as opposed to mere pursuit of more growth —more growth that may not be sustainable, induce earnings volatility and ultimately can backfire.

If businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors understand and practice the concept of enough, the current structural imbalance in the world induced by more than optimal outsourcing across countries never would have occurred. Do not get me wrong, outsourcing across countries is good. As with eating too much, however, there can be too much of it.

If we let growth be driven by innovation as opposed to mere pursuit of growth for the sake of growth, “enough” will occur endogenously, and we will recognize we have arrived at “enough”.

The time spent creating the next innovation should not be devoted to pursuit of growth for the sake of growth.

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