Day 1 — New Life

I am starting to write my day 1 blog post exactly 77 days after the actual day 1 (not bad given that 7 is my lucky number anyway…). On June 15th 2016 I completed a potentially ruinous decision (just ask my parents!) and left my job at Citigroup after four years at the company to focus on Guidelighter, a company that I started late last year. This is the blog in which I will be documenting my entrepreneurial pursuits and other adventures.

“Adventures like what?” you might ask. Well, my first longer stop in my post-corporate life has been Barcelona. It had been a bucket-list dream of mine for a while to spend a longer time living in this gorgeous city and indeed I spent July and August doing just that, whilst working out of the amazing Betahaus co-working space. Hilarity ensued, I made many great new friends, saw new wonderful places and in the process also got tons of work done (despite the Festas Major de Gracia coinciding with my stay!). First 2.5 months after day 1? Great success! — to quote Borat.

You don’t know what Guidelighter is all about? In short, we are a marketplace for experience that gives students and professionals the opportunity to help out by sharing their career/uni experience with those who need it. We are hacking the incentive structures behind people’s decision to help others with advice and are shooting high in the process — we want to be networking for people who don’t have a network[1] and have just launched our first version on (yes, I do want you to sign up there!).

Now what’s next for me? First of all, I am moving back to London to participate in the Masschallenge East London program with Guidelighter (thrilled to be spending another winter in London — not!). Then I have become part of the wonderful Flylancer community of Digital Nomads, international workers, freelancers and other free spirits during my stay in Barcelona and I will be serving as the group’s host for London! I am also toying around with some small side projects (for example, check out Matched Betting on — yes, this is my affiliate link so please click it!), am getting more and more into Mindfulness (Headspace changed my life!) and am most of all looking forward to let my spirit roam freely whilst building Guidelighter.

What’s next for this blog? Quite frankly no idea — but I am planning to use it for writing down thoughts, ideas and general things about my life that come to my mind and that I am happy to share with the eternal pit that is the internet. I am contemplating to write a bit more about my time in finance here in the future, maybe also add my thoughts on economic, political and social affairs. But right now I am not promising you anything, my dear readers, let’s just see what the future will bring for all of us! :-)



[1] If you like comparisons, we also want to do with experience what AirBnB did with spare rooms