5 criteria to choose your dedicated team for an IoT StartUp + 2 secret tips

Entrepreneurs and startup owners who build an IoT product from scratch or expand their development team are likely to find this article helpful. In any case, while searching for a software development partner they pay attention to clear demands of both technical competence and willingness to taking part in business logic elaboration.

For various reasons, they might have a hard time acquiring new software engineers because of short terms or deadlines, local salaries or the need for a temporary development team. At this point, there is a good reason to find a business partner who will provide you with a dedicated development team with strong experience in IoT projects engineering. Other than experienced engineers you must be certain that this company can ensure responsible technical support and mentorship in the context of your IoT product development.

Whether your requirements are MVP building or team extension when you have already chosen the remote dedicated team model the next stage is to make a decision regarding a software development partner. Needless to say, this is a vital step because this vendor will work on your IoT project at all stages.

How to choose a trusted dedicated team for an IoT startup?

Determine what kind of specialists you need at the current stage and establish all the roles with the number of engineers at first. Your potential outsourcing partner will possibly give you advice based on his own experience, be ready to face his outside perspective. A remote development vendor is likely to propose a new approach according to the industry or the technology tendencies, further maintenance and expanding of the IoT product in the future. Such recommendations rely on your project requirements when the common goal is reaching the main business objectives of a startup.

How many on-site employees does your development have? Experience has shown that small companies with 30–50 employees seem to have a strong stake in the success of your IoT product. As their reputation highly depends on clients references, they are focused on the resulting quality at first, and secondary on revenue. One more important thing is how scalable your dedicated team will be, you should be confident that your development partner can expand the team in no time if need be. The level of bureaucracy also plays a big role, the speed team extension is directly linked to this factor.

How soon your dedicated team is ready to start? Be sure that your partner is good to go wherever you are ready. Another important point is your schedule on the timeline, diagrams with development milestones and sheets where different technologies are compared on criteria that suit your product best. Ask a remote development vendor for detailed estimation with all the risks of being behind schedule and deviation from the optimistic evaluation scenario.

It should be mentioned one of the most significant points while choosing a remote software development vendor is his openness in communicating. As a matter of fact, founders or C-level executives in small companies are willing to spend their own time on your IoT product after working hours. However, it is a big issue for big software houses with strong bureaucracy. It will be especially good when your potential IoT dedicated team partner invites you to their office or they are ready to meet with you in on your side, this shows that relationships with this company will be transparent and friendly at all.

You can ask your potential software partner for references from other startups who have operated with them this year. The references can be public or written especially for you, it varies on the basis of your project specifics or size of a dedicated team. It is also possible to ask for a trial period to make you sure in the technical responsibility, level of management and punctuality. Ability to provide you with such a service confirms the company’s self-confidence, and this step is vital in building trustful and professional relationships.

2 Secret Tips

Small companies tend to be flexible regarding both schedule and price formation. You might want to use these two tips while negotiating. After a trial period of at the end of the estimation phase, you can write a reference for your potential dedicated team vendor, this will allow you to ask for a discount. At the same time, 1 or 2 weeks billing period let you negotiate developers hourly rates.

Now you can see a full picture of fundamental steps when you search for a trustful to work on the dedicated team model. I also recommend to consider other outsourcing models, you can find out about them on our website. I’d appreciate your comments if you agree or disagree with some statements.

Good luck with your successful IoT product!