A Crazy School Fight

Pronounce the Names!(Easy Stuff)


One day I was sitting in 3E in school as always. Then when Mr. Nuf and Ms. Ffuts were checking homework and were disappointed to find no one did it. We were baffled because there was never a homework assignment. It just never existed. Then, with his serious voice, Mr. Nuf said, “I am disappointed at you guys for not doing your homework. Thus we will not have the field trip”. I felt it, everyone was wondering where he got the idea of a field trip. 
“There was never any homework” the students beautifully said together.
“Yes there was” Mr. Nuf and Ms. Ffuts said together.
They exchanged looks, the students vs the teachers. “Don’t fire unless fired upon said the super” said the super duper best John. But a book was thrown and then a yelp. Everything froze(No one knows who “fired” first). Next thing you know books, scissors, and pencils were being thrown all around the room. Mr. Nuf and Ms. Ffuts slapped and spanked the kids. Some cried, some laughed, and some screamed. Cheeks turned red, palms got sweaty- moms spaghetti. Then the door opened, it was Ms. Daer! She could stop this we all thought. But then she got John and slapped him and spanked him(you have to take out the best first). Then finally, some rebels. Kids got the pencils and stabbed Mr. Nuf in the eye. Mr. Nuf knocked them out. He had cuts all over him. The students pushed him against the white board. Ms. Ffuts came to his aid and stopped the 8 students. Then after being dazed, the best of the best, John stood up. He got a chair and hit Mr. Nuf in the head, knocking him cold. Ms. Ffuts kneeled down and pleaded for mercy, but John wasn’t having any of this. He hit her with the chair like a baseball(the bat being the chair and her head being the ball) knocking her unconscious. Then Ms. Daer came in and used her ultimate weapon, a book. She slapped John, knocking his chair out, and then opened the book and made John read it. There was no way he’d survive. Then John used his ultimate weapon, sarcasm. Ms. Daer got knocked to the floor and then the whole class started slamming chairs on her and the other teachers. A group got Ms. Daer, another got Ms. Ffuts, and the rest got Mr. Nuf. Each group threw each teacher through a section of the window, shattering the window and leaving glass everywhere. Then the students threw each teacher, one by one, to the bottom floor over the railing. “Ladies first” said the “gentleman” Dave. Then we just stood there watching the broken bodies and we cheered! 
“We gave you guys a free field trip to the hospital!” the students said laughing away. But then how would we explain this. But suddenly I was back in the classroom, it was a day dream and only one minute passed! But I guess I had those thoughts because I didn’t do my homework(crazy thought). But then I heard Mr. Nuf say, “I am disappointed at you guys for not doing your homework. Thus we will not have the field trip”………..(To be continued)