That One Slavior

O n the sea, a ship as big as a large glacier came by. It was none other than a slave ship. One of the slaves turns out to be me and I’m pretty sure I was knocked out because I don’t remember being taken. Anywho, I was put in a place under the boat where you had to be careful where you stepped because there was little to no light under the boat. I ate what they gave me and was baffled that others didn’t eat. But those who didn’t eat were taken to another place in the boat which may have been the reason they didn’t want to eat, they wanted to get out. But everyone can hear a noise as sharp as a slap and yells. It was obvious they were getting flogged. One slave tried to escape when they took him to be flogged. They now flogged you right on the spot. I laughed and said in my head, “That’s what you get”. I didn’t know whose side I was in.

Flog means to whip someone as torture or punishment

After seeing and hearing all these horrific sights, I was told to transport some tea to the so called captain. 
“What’s your name” asked the Santa Claus looking captain
“Neo Omobolanle” I responded pretty quickly.
“Too long and not gangster enough. Your name is now Bob” he finished off by drinking the tea. After that awkward interaction, I realized I had no one waiting back home. It was better as I wouldn’t have to worry about making it back home. Once I was escorted back to the bottom of the boat, I smelled a stench that made my eyes get watery. Seems like I got used to fresh air. After I forcefully sat down and got chained I knew what I was smelling. This was waste and urine and vomit. Oh my. Thankfully I got used to it a little and there we were for months. On my time there, many died of diseases, infections, and sometimes even by being flogged to death. My buddy next to me died and I pushed him away from me. They later took him and probably threw him on the water. The white people let us get some fresh air on the top deck, but I knew that it was an attempt to get us unused to the bad smell and make it a torture for your nose when you get put back down.

As time went more and more slaves died. All hope lost, but then I began to think what I would do if I survived. Work in fields and work that job for the rest of my life. They weren’t too bad thoughts I kept telling myself. One day on a mild rainy lightning storm everything changed. Even though it was a mild storm, on the bottom, we were being tossed like dolls.

Then KAPOWPOWCHOW! There was a huge explosion and water started pouring in.

“Finally a fresh bath!” I yelped. But then it came to me. We were sinking. Then I heard the saying, “Yay, hey, no way!”. I knew instantly that we were being boarded by Jake and the Never Land Pirates!

Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Most feared crew of the Seven Seas!!!!!!

Thankfully I wasn’t near the explosion. Almost everyone died and most were drowning. A shipmate came rushing in releasing everyone alive. I was free! I could run away, but I decided to stay and help. That one shipmate that freed us drowned somehow. Then I realized that we had no weapons besides our bare fists. Jake has a wooden, but it is a magical sword.

Jake(Enlarged to show texture (; )

I go to the entrance to the top deck and there it is empty(Everyone died- We lost a great number)except that Jake has his sword pointing to our captains face, while our captain was lying on the floor. Everyone was dead even Izzy (Except for Jake and our captain of course). I step in and let my brain do the work. 
“What did the beach say to the other beach?…… Nothing, they just waved” as I let out a fake hysterical laugh.
“Get original mate” said Jake. Those were his final words he’d ever say. 
“Well time to get going Bob” as he pulled the sword out of Jake’s head. “I tried to stab the midget in the belly and make him die a slow death, but he too short and I missed. Mistakes happen unfortunately” he said disappointed.
“Ain’t you gonna say thank you?” I say sarcastically. He unfortunately took it to heart.
“ You think I’m a joke” he said and I know this was getting serious. Once he turned his back I shank him in the back as an MLG pro he seemed like he got impaled. 
“I guess you can say, I killed the joke” I say as I depressingly laugh at my own joke. It’s great to have humor in the worst situations. I go to the steering wheel and know that there is no way I’m clutching this. Then someone from the other boat throws a rope down and tells me to get on. It was Cubby!

Cubby(Enlarged to show texture-Not really)

I get near the rope. Although I was at the top deck, my feet were able to touch the water. I had to move quick. But then I thought to myself. Even though they were the most feared crew, they would still treat me like trash. Since they lost men on this battle, it is no surprise they would try to rebuild their crew. So after a lot of thinking, I grab the rope. I pull it down hard! Cubby falls, I hear him say his all famous line, “Aww, coconuts!” as he plunges to his death. I stand there and look around at the lovely sunshine and wait until I’m fully submerged underwater. Then I hear Bucky, the boat, ring the last bell. I drowned. I don’t know what happened or how I was able to write this story.