Popchips, a recent brand of healthy chips that has become very popular, released an ad starring famous singer, Katy Perry. Trying to advertise the chips in a different way, Katy Perry holds the bags of chips over her breasts, emphasizing where the bags are placed. Popchips referenced the idea that they are not “fake” or “phonies”, but healthy “all natural” chips, as if trying to compare them to breast implants in a subtle way. The bag of chips represent her breast, being real like the ingredients in the chips, not like the unnatural ingredients in fried chips, or also compared to as breast implants. This advertisement is using the need for attention and Freud’s theory of repressed desires to attract consumers into purchasing their product.

The need for attention is clearly present in this ad. Katy Perry is the center of this ad and it’s all about her. This ad is suggesting that since she likes these chips consumers will like them too. There is nothing else in the ad, but Katy Perry, this ad is completely centered around her sponsoring this brand of chips. The idea of Freud’s repressed desires is portrayed in this ad because of the sexual innuendo it presents appeals to people’s unconscious sexual desires. The idea of how the bags of chips cover her breast and the innocent look on her face appeals to some people’s repressed desire of the need for sex.

In a way one could say that this ad is centered towards women, but also men. This add uses Katy Perry to lure men to stop and view this ad. However, this ad is negatively portraying women who have had breast implants as “fake” and “phony”. This may have not been the message Popchips was trying to send, but by comparing Popchips natural ingredients to natural breasts, women with breast implants may be affected by this ad. This ad is calling women with this surgery done, fake and pony, which reinforces the idea that women who get their breast done are fake. This is the norm for most women in ads, their bodies are sexualized and the main focus is their body.

Although this ad was very effective in trying to sell it chips, this ad ended up sending a negative message towards people viewing this ad. More specifically it sends the wrong message towards girls, that it is okay to sexualize women in ads. Katy Perry could have held the chips in a different way and they could have not compared it to breast implants, but they did. Popchips is just another contributor to this ongoing trend in ads. Ads are constantly sending the message that it is okay to sexualize women causing women to think they should look a certain way and possibly causing men to treat women as objects. This specific ad in addition to other ads sends the message that it is okay to use women’s bodies to sell products; if you replaced Katy Perry with a different male actor it probably wouldn’t be as effective.