We won the regionals. Can’t wait for the Grand Final!

Thank you #eitfood!

We have released on the 31st of March

OGOR Landing page

And we are so happy about it!

Check it out: https://ogor.ro

Every week we bring new goodies on the table (or fix broken things). Bear with us, there is a long road ahead, but this is both the challenge and the joy!

Empowering tech founders

From March 2020 we have enrolled in an extensive mentoring program for tech startups in Romania. So far, we have gained a lot of experience in pitching, met a lot of business people that help us steer the wheel in the right direction.

We are eager to pitch and win in the October Demo Day!

A new adventure begins.

We have been selected among the winners of the Parsec Accelerator: Open Call 1. In order to apply for the first stage of the accelerator, we had to prepare a three minutes pitch for our idea, team, and experience.

This video lead us to the10th place among the first 100 ranked participants.


Since we realized that our initial premise that the value of the field determines its price was false and since we discovered that understanding the quality of the field becomes the most important step after buying it, we decided to drop the name LandMarket.

After buying one field, building and keeping the memory of the field, with the interventions it went through in time, is the real need that we are trying to fulfill.

So from now on, we call ourselves: OGOR. It means FIELD in Romanian and we chose it for its simplicity and resonancy.

Helsinki Bootcamp 2019 — EU Space Week

Last week we participated in this year’s Copernicus Accelerator Bootcamp, which took place during the EU Space Week in Helsinki. Fifty teams that are part of the program met their mentors and had an intense introduction into the development that the Accelerator had planned for the 2020 year.

We are looking forward to an interesting year, with a lot of new connections and a lot of work to be done!

The challenge lays ahead and we are onto it.

Two weeks ago we had a meeting with Iulia Nicola, a representant for The National Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies in Romania, as we wanted to tackle a little bit the insurance market for arable lands. The group holds twenty Romanian insurance companies.

We found out that the group holds 4 companies that offer agricultural insurance policies and that there are a few more outside the association.

In 2016, the number of declared arable lands in Romania was 8,2 million ha, out of which only 1,8 million ha were insured. …

Another good news: we have been selected among the winners of the Copernicus Accelerator 2019 program. The program looks for innovative space-based start-ups and creates a dedicated mentorship and networking context to intensely dive the newly created businesses in and to help them grow.

We have found our mentor in the person of Dimitris Matsakis and we are eager to see what the next 10 months of training will bring.

The first event that awaits for us it the Helsinki Bootcamp, that will take place in December, during the European Space Week 2019.


Useful / Enough / Too much Data

The user meeting sessions have brought us to the farmers in Timis (Western part of Romania). Here we met some farmers that were generous enough to invite us and describe to us how they work and what is useful or not for them.

We met people that were aware of the existence of similar (EO Data-based) online services, tried some of them, but did not stick to them because of the intense interference with the daily work and also the lack of data simplification: too many notifications and too much raw data.


In September 2019 we learned about the EU’s Horizon 2020 fundings program and we applied to the SME Instrument — Phase 1. SME Instruments provide fundings and support for innovation projects, to help businesses expand into other countries.

Our LandMarket project is about the history service report of arable lands and as it was planned for the Romanian market, SME Phase 1 was a perfect line for exploring the idea of implementing it across Europe too. To execute a feasibility study regarding the technical and commercial potential for testing the idea in other countries is a step that we will endeavor in the future.

Unfortunately, our proposal was rejected, as it did not obtain the required minimum score.

We fail, we learn!

Vetch Cover Crop

OGOR Rocks

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