Tale of alleged child witches is common in the eastern part of Nigeria especially state like Akwa Ibom. Two 8-year-old children from Okobo local government area, Akwa Ibom State, identified as Mary Odiong and Ekong Asua, who lived on the streets for one full month, after their relatives tortured them and sent them out of their homes for allegedly being witches shared their experiences.
Odiong told Journalists that she was blamed for the death of her uncle who died in Okopedi village, of an ailment many suspected was AIDS, and that her people accused her of sending the AIDS virus to the man. This is ridiculous indeed.
“The people in my family called me and started asking me whether I was a witch and why I killed my uncle. I told them that I did not know anything about what they were talking about. They started beating me. They hit me with cutlasses. They cut my buttocks with knives.
After the beating became too much, I lost consciousness. Later, I woke up to find myself in a bush. I have been living on the streets since last month without food and shelter,” she said.
Despite the existence of Law prohibiting this act of excision and accusation of witch craft, the like of Mary remained victims of torture, abuse and dehumanization by the day. 
If we could create 6 months awareness campaign, as to the rights of a child to sanitize this environment of such barbaric culture, would there be a difference?

Eschol Foundation is concerned.

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