INMI New Thoughts

Everything is in development, however moving toward some singularity of perfection and that is what I think about my Integral NutraMental Index.

I like that 10,000 Hours of an activity puts you in a position of expert in that activity. I wonder how many stupid things I have done for 10,000 hours that I am an expert at. Well, I know that thinking about the INMI, perhaps I have put in 416 days worth of thought into it. I have been utilizing it for many years. I watched it come into formation through my journal process beginning around 1996 when I began tracking the food I was eating and noting the relationship that may have with my state of mind and condition of well-being.

The clear point of my thought today is about necessity. In my current chart I include what I have called the food ruler. It list categories of food that would mark a general type of diet that a person resonates with. Meat eater vs. raw food vegan is the debate. Which is healthier?

I ask myself, do I really want to be a factor in that debate, or a direct factor? The current food plate, which I imagine will see another upgrade soon doesn’t mention meat as a classification, it places meat into the grouping with all proteins. Finally accepting soy, nuts and other protein sources as acceptable alternatives to meat per the value score of the FDA RDA. This is big stuff because has got the authentication of the Government. It means it is the observed and agreed upon RULE of consensus nutritional reality of the United States of America from the Academic rational foundation of belief.

In my food ruler, which I believe could be better than the MyPlate for many reasons. It doesn’t view all protein and the way it effects the body and the environment equally. But for practical reasons, I wonder do I really need the ruler to get the result and factors that I am looking for to gauge a very general expectation of awareness in any given person.

My thinking is that with calories in, calories burned and days to elimination. Everything can be known about a persons physical and mental state. Everything that is essential to a Health Coach on the task of assisting an individual to a better version of themselves. I will explain why.

I am reminded of the day back from my Homeless in Boulder period, I was spending many hours at the Library of Colorado University. I went down into the archives looking for anything I could find under the reference of FASTING. I found this book of Buddhist writings. The perspective was from the school of thought that works to rid itself of all bodily associations. This text went into the gross details over and over again of how the body was just a pile of puss. It spoke about how terrible were all its wants and needs. The writers of this material had a total disdain for the human body and its existence in the cosmic perfection and had a large history with long lineage of those working for an enlightenment that was free of the body. A state of non-return. Their mind and all their was of them was to merge into of the eternal is in the nexus of the past and future of all that can be fathomed.

My take away from this particular teaching was a greater comfort with talking out loud and thinking about the internal mechanics of the digestive process. To read the words of dedicated monks speaking so crudely about the functions of their horrid flesh sacks, it still makes me smile.

Did you know that in science the pathway of digestion, the alimentary canal is considered to be, and I mean the hollow of the path itself, it is considered to be external to the body. External to the Vital body that is. The system has actually developed to keep crude materials from harming the more sensitive vital organs of the body. When I read this in a book on Anatomy I found it to be a really amazing thought. That the food that I place inside my body through my mouth, it is actually still outside my vital body. To me it is just a weird kind of trippy concept and it makes some sense.

You have to think of the millions of years it took for bodies to develop digestive systems and the accumulative stages of development that may have lead to the human body and the incorporation of a snake from mouth to tail all the way to the first section of the brain. That this system is still maintained by this earliest brain. This wise ancient brain. Is is really wise? Maybe just old as the first part of the brain to emerge on the planet and it is at ease in its well established role as a conditioned driver of the involuntary knowing that it is exactly what it has to be to have become such a foundation for what rest above it.

In Kriya Yoga I found that the digestive or alimentary canal is represented by the word SHANKHA. That in Kriya yoga there were developed many methods for cleansing the shanka and then gaining a conscious management of the peristaltic pulse. This is what I want you to think about. Conscious management of the peristaltic pulse. This is an activity, an involuntary activity directed by the most ancient part of the brain, the brain stem.

If this is not an amazing idea to you. I mean, think about it, remember all those ninja movies where the master is able to control his breathing and pulse slowing and seemingly stopping the heart. How do you think they developed that ability? What is the first step for coming into a conscious control of the involuntary systems of the body? Remember when in one of the American Ninja Movies the main character had to sweat the poison from his blood to survive an attack? What kind of conditioning would that require to accomplish if even possible? I would think that gaining a full tilt management over the alimentary canal would be the first step in those directions of conscious involuntary management. I have been thinking about this while compiling my Integral NutraMental Index and technique.

I first discovered what I just shared with you more than 20 years ago. So why haven’t I gained this kind of control over my own Shankha? I recognize that this is something that it easily understood and spoke about. Not necessarily for me so easy to actually do. A great deal needs to come into alignment physically, mentally, spiritually and circumstantially for this to happen. Actually everything in your life revolves around your alimentary rhythm. Mood, energy levels, mental state, flexibility, endurance, quality of sleep, sense of esteem, body awareness, body image, and all the issues that also stem from those listed. This is why the foundation of a good practice is to develop a conscious alimentary awareness.

In my experience as life and health advisor and as in integral practitioner I have found that the best position to be in service of others to to remove myself completely. This goes back to my reading of Alan Watts teachings of Psychotherapy where to talks about the idea of creating for his patient an clear empty space where anything can exist. It is strange, and seems a contradiction because Integral Theory is a framework for the correlation and representational mapping of every possible field of thought in an arrangement of categorization of which the intention is to show each form for exactly what it is relative to all that is known or that potentially may be knowable.

I guess my friend who I gave my index to for feedback may have been correct, my index is not on the surface an integral device. It is an integral catalyst though. It is an adjustment that when applied in practice motivates an expansion in consciousness, both in internal and external awareness as well it motivates actualization and further mastery over self which encourages development. Therefore leads to perhaps a more integral perspective of which I am not concerned. I only want to see you primed for your highest condition of health. Because I believe that health is the key to everything else.

To bring this a bit closer to home I might point out that in the juggernaut of all that might be known, the ideas and beliefs that you yourself identify with, these have a placement within the latticework of the integral map and can be identified and worked from within subjectively and from without objectively. You know the world from an interior experiential space that is all your own, you share that space with some, that interior space. Others known you from an exterior degree of quintessence that only has common surface representations that give acknowledgement to agreed upon perceptions. But to the point. All that makes you up as a person at this point in your development, it is your business.

It seems to me that we all have spent 10,000 hours becoming perfect at many things. We have reached the degree of excellent in many lines of behavioral mastery. We have found trends of participation that lead us to the ecstatic, to joy and bliss. We have all also experienced our own faults and downfalls. We have suffered. We have firm beliefs and some that may not be so firm, but these beliefs have been derived at through a lifetime of experience, an experience that is happening out of a shared world. A world that we all have in common.

I have come down to 2 aspects of our common experience in life where I feel that I can suggest a directional change in the way we consume our food. I am not interested in your beliefs. I am not suggesting that you change your religion or anything else. I do not even care what kind of food you eat. I think that you are perfect exactly the way you are now. Unless your some kind of freak!

I am pointing out:

  1. Excess Daily Caloric intake
  2. Days to elimination

That is it. I would like to know what decisions you might make with your life if you are able to get to a zero point single day state of elimination. Meaning that first, your calories in are equal to your calories burnt, second, the food you eat today is eliminated from your body within the span of 24 hours.

I believe that to accomplish this in long form. To consistently manage your alimentary routine in this way that eventually all other aspects of your life will also become enhanced. To move into an enhanced metabolic state is to become an enhanced evolutionary member of the species. I trust that if you can achieve this one thing that my work as a health coach would be complete.

Gandhi, I found to have said once something like, “Whoever brings the pallet under control, though long drawn and requiring the patience and discipline to move mountains, that whoever accomplishes this, eventually becomes in the service and a part of Gods will on Earth.”

My job then as a health coach and lifestyle advisor is to support you too this end. My adjusted NMc (NutraMental Catalyst) looks then like this:

NutraMental Catalyst 2016