Notes on becoming.

There are different ways to swallow

a pill.

You either swallow it or you don’t.

When you swallow it, if it’s lingers in your throat, it becomes bitter.

Then it goes all the way down.

That’s when the healing begins.

There isthis bitter pill that everyone has to swallow at least once in a lifetime.

That pill is called a mistake.

The point of this is not to say that mistakes are inevitable, which they are but the question to ask is how do you swallow it?

Are you gonna hide the pill under your tongue and pretend like you swallowed it?


Are you let the healing begin by swallowing regardless of how bitter?

God has prescribed these pills to each and everyone of us so that we can heal. So we can create lessons out of it and better ourselves.

Are you gonna let the pain rot until it festers and the stench can fill a room?

Or are you going grab the pill, shove it down your throat and swallow?

I suggest you swallow.