It was 2008, my first year at University of Uyo Medical College. P-square had just released their new album, which comprises the songs titled No One, Ifunaya, etc. And as I lay on my little bed in my hostel room listening to the songs as one of my roommates played it, my thought drifted. The song was everywhere, and almost everyone talked about the song. I saw and realized how they have meddled into people’s lives and homes through their songs, without them knowing.

It was at that point I started questioning the purpose and reason for which I live. And this was at a time I was struggling to cope with the demands of medical school. I felt worthless and unhappy, and kept asking, when will my own time come.

And my brother had told me then that, happiness does not just happen, but that it is a product of an accomplishment or completion of a goal or task. He told me, if you want to be happy, you've got to do something.

My own time will finally come at the wee hour of today. Yes! At about 4:03am, I accompanied my consultant to the delivery room to catch a baby. After the baby was delivered, we took him to the nursery for weighing and other post natal check ups. It was while I was alone at the nursery with the baby that I realized its 3rd of September, my birthday.

At that point I was filled with an unexplainable kind of happiness. I was happy because I share the same birth date with a baby I witnessed his epiphany. I was happy because my birthday didn’t catch me doing something worthless. But rather, like P-square I have unwittingly meddled into the lives of other people in far away Asia. My birthday caught me doing something I had always wanted to do.

I am happy with how far God has brought me, but above all, I am happy for where God is taking me. greater things are yet to come.

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