Am constantly being dumbfounded by how labor pain brings two women from different social ladder who have never meet themselves before together.

Few hours ago, their parents were both in labor pain. They both walked around together in the labour room as though they have known themselves from Adam. They discussed as they walked. I couldn’t fathom the subject of their discussion, but it will not be unrelated to their common enemy, which have made them friends, "labour pain". 
He arrived few minutes after her, and they were both kept in the same crib as though they are twins. They cried together as the nurses gave them injection. They have just become part of this harsh, unfriendly and difficult world. 
I am tempted to feel sorry for them, and I wish I could whisper to them to go back, but even though I were to do that, they wouldn’t listen to me. I wish I could tell them about the ordeal I am currently experiencing. I wish I could tell them that whatever special care and attention they will receive is momentary.
 What will become of them, no one knows, but God. And I wonder if they will ever meet each other again. Even though they do, they will not know they cried together in the same crib. And they will never know I was one of those that lead their procession into this world. 
Life will remain a mystery.

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