Growing up, I was sold this notion and impression that doctors, and by extension medical students, are quiet people. And if you were not quiet or you are noisy , you will be told you might not be able to study medicine.

I am not noisy, and will not say I am completely a quiet person. But somehow I bought the notion sold to me. Right now, haven’t experienced so many ignominious, paralyzing, terrible, horrible, sorrowful, unimaginable, and difficult things, as a medical student and in my attempt to become a doctor. I have not only bought the notion, but I have become a victim or an epitome of the impression and notion myself. The journey to becoming a doctor, is a long one, a humbling one for that matter. It’s a journey that tries so hard to remove every atom of pride from a medical student before the bell and diaphragm of his stethoscope touches a patient.

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