I love reading poems
But I don’t know how to write them
If I knew how to write poems
I would have written one
But I will still go ahead to write
To describe how it felt
For days there had been 
News and information about 
An imminent typhoon
“Typhoon Yolanda”
It was estimated to hit Philippines
Cebu to be precise on Friday
8th November, 2013
People were asked to prepare and stay indoors
It did come, in the morning hours as predicted
It was windy, but not the intensity that was predicted
There was brown out, and darkness will slowly 
Ensure as the day became old
The night was dark, quiet, calm, and cold
The usual noise that envelops the city had been lost
The brown out had once again rekindled our knit with nature
While we waited for electricity
As this was the first time 
Brown out will last more than 30mins
In my almost three years of stay in the Philippines 
The calmness and quietness of the environs
Slowly lullabied us to sleep
And the cold weather cuddled us in our bed
And for the first time in almost three years
I was reminded of the stark reality back home (Nigeria)
It was the first time I will sleep without electricity in three years
While I enjoyed the quietness brought by the brown out
I was also peeved 
I was peeved because I had so many things to do with electricity 
And could not do them
Again I was reminded of the reality back home
I was reminded of the corruption in the power sector in Nigeria
I was reminded of the millions, if not billions of naira that had been stolen
And diverted to personal account in power and other sector
I was reminded of the many Nigerians that have died using “I big pass my neigbour” generator
Because there was no constant or power supply at all
Then I asked, will corruption ever end in Nigeria? 
When will it end?
When will Nigeria start enjoying the things
People in other clime have been enjoying for years?

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