I came, I saw, and I conquer. That will end my story after the bootcamp. Today makes it third day at the bootcamp. Struggles continues as before, we were charged to write codes that will do a binary search on a sorted array, compare two arrays and return the missing number, and design a simple user interface using HTML(Hypertext Mark-up Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheet). I went to my cave to think on how to get the problem solved. I got some solved early enough and had to think deep on how to pass the test case with binary search.

However, I made consultations from friends, google, and my bootcamp facilitator assistant. Their responses really helped and got me into solving my problems by more than half. Indeed, I am grateful to them. To survive up to the third day on camp may not be easy but my knowledge has been increased.In fact, regular feedback really improved me.


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