That feeling when you know you’re on the right path to success. This is how I feel with what ANDELA has brought to me on Android development.

My story: I’ve always wanted to be a programmer right from secondary school but I don’t know how and where to start and then I met a neighbor who also wanted the same thing and then we started with html on but the truth was that I was confused as all we could do was just copy and paste the someone’s code and just edit a bit of text that we can see displaying and then I gave up after I couldn’t solve a lot of problem and no one to guide me through. So I got admission into the college and then i met a lot of people and they told me about w3school and then I started my html, css and Javascript learning with w3school but I was not satisfied because there was no task to do and the learning was just boring and I got confused alot and then I stopped at a point and the coding spirit was dying. But I kept believing there would be a way someday. So I was surfing the internet one day and i came across a post about learning android development from andela. With all joy in me I took the test and then my gmail app became my most accessed app on my phone as I was just waiting for a reply from andela, I kept on opening inbox and spam etc. And I finally got the mail I’ve been waiting for. So I joined the slack group and I got the scholarship course on Udacity and then the learning began. I had a lot of challenge at first but I NEVER GAVE UP and I kept on trying to solve each problem. At first I couldn’t download android studio cause of the size but I met with someone on the slack channel who has it and I went to get it from him and I started with the course on udacity. I had a lot of issues with my PC as the specifications couldn’t really meet up with Android studio requirements but I managed and used my phone to run the app as my system couldn’t run the android emulator due to AMD processor. I also had a lot of issues with android studio but with the help of fellow learners through meet ups, slack and google I was able to solve this problems. So i was able to build the app for project 1 and 2 successfully and the real problem begin with project 3 this was when my PC became so slow that it takes up to 30minute just to boot and another 30 minutes or more to load the Android studio application. Sometime the Android studio won’t load and I was just so down and I couldn’t do anything and it’s almost time to submit project 3. But I NEVER GAVE UP. So I cleared a lot of memory on my system and I had to reinstall android studio and pass through all those stress once again then I could manage to use the android studio for my project 3. a lot of my team mates were already getting but I’ll always post on our group chat what I’m doing which really gingered them to continue and also assisting them cause I am the elected team leader. And then I finished with the beginner course and also with my project 3 which was a quiz app which took a lot of brainstorming on how the app should look like and also to meet with the project rubric, I must confess I really learnt a lot while doing those projects and I’m so happy seeing myself developing this great app titled ENGLISHQUIZAPP please download the app HERE.

Firstly I want to glorify Jesus for making me come across this great opportunity and for the grace in keeping me alive and seeing me through. I say thank you Jesus.

And also a big thank to the great people behind this # ANDELA. They made it so easy by creating a slack community where we could all chat and also geo location meet up where we could all meet ourselves and also grouping into teams to make learning easier and faster. A big thank you udacity also for making learning so easy and well explained tutorial that even someone with no programming knowledge would understand. And to my lovely tutors on the website Katherine and kunal. You guys are a great tutor, you taught me how to stay calm and just take it step by step till I’ll get use to it when learning and also to always smile. You guys smile alone would make me wanna take the next tutorial. And a big thank you to all my colleagues on slack and whatsapp. Thanks to my families and friends for the support. The journey still continues as I’m taking the course to the intermediate level so stay tuned as I post more of my success stories.

I pray we will all have success stories to tell also.

it may seem to be difficult now. But it’s really gonna worth it at the end. DON’T GIVE UP

Please feel free to drop your comment and also download the ENGLISHQUIZAPP version 1.0 HERE

Thank you so much.