The Hardest Part is; if you teach, you have to live by your teachings.

Mentoring by words is one of the sexiest and laziest things to do, but also one of the worst things as a human. You can’t say “Do not as I do but do as I say”.

If you speak to people about being right, then you have to do right! If you teach people how to accommodate others, you have to accommodate others too. Anything lower than this is a shame to the “teacher”.

Its such a great gift from humanity to have at least 1 soul/person look up to you as a human being (all animals are equal but some are equal than others system). To have someone who considers your opinion(s) before they make theirs. What a great blessing when your name gets called and people respond with a smile and a leap of joy (though we are all bad in someone’s story).

Just in case you still haven’t gotten the points, I am not saying you have to solely live for others, but the least you can be as an human being is to be a sensible one. You are only as worth as those you’ve impacted and lives you’ve touched. Anything other than that, is a flesh waiting to be consumed by termites.

This cuts across all aspect of our daily activities. Either as a boss, a father, a nurse, a clergyman or colleague.

This note is a short one. More words would pollute it’s essence. Do clap if you think it worth it please!